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Stingray by Jill Yirrindili

Display dimensions: 1400 x 500 mm
80 x 510 x 1310 mm
Medium: Woven Pandanus, bark, pigment
Credit Line: ANMM Collection
Object Name: Sculpture
Object No: 00040537

User Terms

    A stingray made of woven pandanus leaves by Jill Yirrindili. The body of the ray is filled with red bark pieces and has been painted.
    Sting rays are common along the coastal waters of Arnhem Land and a food source. They offer a rich source of iron, vitamin A and good fatty acids.
    Jill Yirrindili is an artist from South Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

    SignificanceThe importance of fibre objects are linked in all areas of life not only for everday living but also personified ancestral events and actions reinforcing connections to land. All woven works have distinct regional characteristics, such as designs the colour of dyes and the actual material/fibres used such as the type of grasses, flax, pandanus and
    spunanimalfur. Traditionally most fibre production centred on utilitarian and ceremonial objects. Today artists are adapting fibre techniques to create innovative objects relating to ancestral events and everyday themes.

    HistoryWorks in fibre have always been strong from this area, known for their aesthetic use of bush dyes and conical fish traps. The Maningrida region is located on the North Central Arnhem Land coast of the Arafura Sea, on the estuary of the Liverpool River. The Kunibídji people are the traditional landowners of this country. The name Maningrida is an Anglicised version of the Kunibídji name "Manayingkarírra" which comes from the phrase "Mane djang karirra" meaning "the place where the Dreaming changed shape'.
    Despite having a long cultural and practical history, the use of fibre has become a medium for fresh expression in the Maningrida region. Fibre artists there have become innovative and are creating new forms such as jelly fish, sting rays 'camp dogs' etc.

    Additional Titles

    Web title: Stingray by Jill Yirrindili

    Primary title: Large woven stingray

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