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An album of photographs and illustrations of ships of the period 1850s1930s, containing 72 numbered pages.The contents comprise mostly photographic prints, both sepia and black and white, but also include published postcards, photographs produced for sale, and pictures cut from books or magazines. Some of the photographs are copied from
original photographs. All the images are captioned with typewritten slips and also with handwritten captions. There are a few photographs of seamen, a photograph of C Dickson Gregory at the helm of the CUTTY SARK,scenes on board the ship BEATRICE in the course of a voyage, and group photographs of Port Phillip tug masters in 1928 and
members of the Victorian Shiplovers' Society in 1930.

SignificanceThis collection of photographs ranges across the types of vessels which came to Australia from the 1850s to the early 20th century. It includes a number of ships which were famous in their day for various reasons, and it also includes some rare photographs taken in Australian ports such as Hobart.

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