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Autographed model of OneAUSTRALIA AUS 31

Date: 1995
Overall: 423 x 270 x 143 mm, 212 g
Medium: Perspex
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from Patrick Corrigan Donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program
Object Name: Model
Object No: 00045714

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    HistoryPub painting:
    Pub paintings were made by applying oil paint on paper and coated with varnish. When the varnish was tacky it was stuck to the reverse of the glass and rolled with a roller to remove air bubbles. The paper was then removed with water. When the back was dry it was covered with an overcoat. Lettering, borders and gilding was applied directly onto the reverse of the glass before the painting was applied.

    The concept of the pub as a picture gallery originated from the Sydney portrait painter Jules Henry Roy Rousel. In the 1920s Rousel approached Tooth's advertising manager Tom McClelland with the concept of hanging paintings outside pubs on a permanent basis behind glass. Rousel envisaged pub pictorials that gave districts and communities a sense of personal association with particular pubs i.e. a rowing painting for the Riverview Hotel, eighteen footers painting for the Dry Dock, the Sir William Wallace and the Shipwrights' Arms Tooheys hotels.

    Over 6000 glass advertising paintings were commissioned by Tooth & Co between 1930 and 1969 and represent a unique combination of medium, content and use. Tooth and Co operated the Kent Brewery on Sydney's Broadway for almost 150 years from 1835. For most of this time Tooth's dominated the brewing and hotels industries of NSW tying over 600 pubs to sell only its products.

    During the early 1930s, Tooth's was under pressure from the temperance movement and declining beer sales. Tom Watson, the company's new manager in a bid to improve the public image if beer and pubs created a 'corporate image' for Tooths by launching a consistent style of hotel architecture, interior décor and advertising. These glass advertising paintings became a feature of hotel exteriors from the early 1930s.

    Sign writing, painting transfer and framing were carried out by RB Coleman signs of Canterbury in Sydney.

    To distance pub paintings from mainstream graphic design, Tooths used artists with a fine art reputation and style. They included Tom Woodman (1901-1959), Henry Hanke and Alan Baker, Walter Jardine and Stan Denford.

    America's Cup:
    The test tank model of OneAUSTRALIA AUS 31 was one of eight 1:8 scale models used in 400 test runs at the Australian Maritime College tank tests in Launceston.
    OneAUSTRALIA replaced AUS 35 on 7 March 1995 in the sixth and seventh races of the 1995 Louis Vuitton Cup (the series to choose the America's Cup Challenger). AUS 31 was defeated by Black Magic NZL 32 by five races to one.

    OneAUSTRALIA was owned by OneAUSTRALIA America's Cup Team 1995 Pty Ltd and was classified as an IACC sloop. It was built by John McConaghy of John McConaghy Industries Pty Ltd, Monavale. Sails were made by North Sails. The was designed by a team composed of Fluid Thinking, hull designer Andy Dovell, principal designers Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design Inc and Iain Murray and Associates. Appendages designer was Phil Kato.

    Test tank facilities used by the OneAUSTRALIA team included The Australian Maritime College tank test facility in Launceston, the St John's tank test in Newfoundland, Canada. Wind tunnel tests were held at Monash University's School of Engineering in Melbourne. Flow simulations were carried out by South Bay Simulations, Inc.

    OneAUSTRALIA was built in Australia 1994 and launched in San Diego the same year.

    OneAUSTRALIA racing team\included John Bertrand (skipper), Rod Davis (helmsman), Glenn Bourke (tactician), Andrew Cape (navigator) and a crew of 16.

    Technical specifications OF OneAUSTRALIA
    Hull material carbon fibre
    Hull colour Light green
    Length OA 24.15 m
    Length WL 18.18 m
    Beam 4.25 m
    Draft 4.0 m
    Sail Area (upwind) 325m sq
    Displacement 25 tons
    Rating IACC rule

    In all OneAUSTRALIA AUS 31 sailed in 19 races (2 in the end of the Round Robin Final and six in the Final of the Louis Vuitton Cup. It lost nine times against BLACK MAGIC NZL32 and won twice against BLACK MAGIC.

    In 1997 OneAUSTRALIA AUS 31 was bought by the Aloha racing Syndicate and in 1998 was owned by Paul Cayard's AMERICAOne Syndicate and used as a training yacht during 1998-9 as a trial horse for AMERICAOne USA-49. In 1999 it was bought by Sydney Fisher for the YOUNG AUSTRALIA syndicate again as a training vessel.

    Eigtheen Footer sponsorship:
    Pat Corrigan sponsored 18 foot skiffs from 1969-1999 as part of the Australian 18 Footers League. He initially sponsored Vic Robertson in a skiff named Corrigan's Express, then Ken Monkhouse in Express Livestock making Pat Corrigan the first to sponsor two skiffs at the same time. Corrigan went on to sponsor John Winning in Mitchell Cotts and Garry Holder in Mitchell Cotts freight again sponsoring tow skiffs at the same time.

    In 1988 Rob Brown won the Giltinan Worlds 18 Footer Championship in the Corrigan sponsored skiff Southern Cross. In the 1990s Corrigan sponsored PACE EXPRESS skiffs for Anthony Young and David Witt and AEI PACE EXPRESS for Stephen Quigley which took the 1996 World title. His most recent sponsorship of 18footers was the skiff Emery Worldwide which Howard Hamlin of the US sailed in the 1999 World Championship.

    1996 World Championship Regatta was held on Sydney Harbour and AEI PACE EXPRESS was sailed by Stephen Quigley (skipper), Craig Phillips and Peter Loudon. AEI PACE EXPRESS also won the 18fters European Championship in 1996 having competed in the Slam Grand Prix regattas at Bandol in France, Baia in Sardinia, Torbol on Lake Garda, Molveno in Italy, and St Moritzin Switzerland.

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