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Burqini swimsuit in blue with stripes across chest

Date: 2008
Medium: 100% Polyester
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from Ahiida Swimwear and Sports Apparel
Object Name: Burqini swimsuit
Object No: V00046114
Place Manufactured:Australia

User Terms

    The Burqini™ swimsuit range is an Australian innovation designed by Aheda Zanetti to meet the needs of Muslim women who wish to be active in public while maintaining their modesty. The swimsuit complies with Hijab, Muslim dress standards that require a woman's hair, chest, arms and legs to be covered. To non-Muslims these standards may seem restrictive but for Muslim women Hijab is a significant expression of their religious practice. The Burqini™ fits loosely while allowing freedom of movement and includes a hood to cover the hair and a thigh length long sleeve tunic worn over a pair of ankle length pants. These two-piece swimsuits come in active, slim and modesty fits and are made from Polyester or Polyester/Spandex , a quick- drying fabric with low drag.

    The Burqini™ is a lightweight alternative to heavy, improvised Hijab worn previously. It made headlines internationally following the infamous 2005 Cronulla riots when a newly qualified surf life saver from the Lakemba Sports Club wore Burqini style surf life saving uniforms when on patrol at North Cronulla Beach.
    HistoryOn 11 December 2005 North Cronulla beach became the site of mass protest and racially motivated confrontations between community groups. The protests known as the Cronulla riots were sparked by the assault of surf life savers by youths described in the media as being 'of Middle Eastern appearance'. This prompted a backlash towards people readily identifiable as Muslims, in particular Muslim women.

    In the wake of this community conflict, the Burqini™ swimsuit made headlines internationally when Mecca Laa Laa, one of seventeen newly qualified surf life savers from the Lakemba Sports Club, wore a Burqini-style surf life saving uniform when on patrol at North Cronulla beach. The adoption of Burqini swimsuits as patrol uniforms by Surf life Saving Australia was part of a broader cultural awarness and surf safety program called 'On the Same Wave'. The recruits from Lakemba Sports Club were assigned across the Cronulla Surf Clubs. This initiative was designed to help Surf Life Saving Australia move away from its traditional monocultural base and diversify its membership.

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