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A Matter of Style

Date: 1975
Overall: 760 x 355 mm
Medium: Black and white print on paper.
Credit Line: ANMM Collection
Classification:Posters and postcards
Object Name: Poster
Object No: 00031867

User Terms

    This poster advertises the film A Matter of Style, produced by Steve Soderberg and released by Associated Screen Arts. The film explores the subject of surfing styles and the free and easy surfing lifestyle in the mid 1970s. It showcases the surfing talents of Larry Bertlemann (Hawaii) and tube riding specialist Gerry Lopez (Hawaii) whose elegant wave riding style made him the most filmed surfer of his generation. Also featured are Rory Russell (Hawaii), Shaun Tomson (RSA), Terry Fitzgerald (Aust) known as 'the Sultan of Speed', Michael Peterson (Aust) who won the first contest of the debut world pro tour in 1976, Pipeline specialist Jackie Dunn (Hawaii) and Peter Townend (Aust) world champion in 1976.

    Surfing films idealise the surfing lifestyle, promote the talents of individual surfers and present the varied and often exotic locations favoured by surfers. They are edited to make the most of the dramatic action on the water.
    SignificanceSurfing films provide an insight into aspects of the surfing lifestyle and have themselves become part of popular surfing culture. This poster is representative of surfing films from the mid 1970s when the surfing counterculture clashed with the fledgling professional surfing circuit.
    HistoryA Matter of Style is a classic surf movie featuring prominent surfers of the 1970s. This film contains footage Australian surfers Peter Townend, Ian Cairns, Terry Fitzgerald and Michael Peterson. The film was produced by Steve Soderberg.

    Surfing films provides an insight into the surfing lifestyle and have become part of surfing popular culture. They reflect the internationalism of surfing in their content an appeal.

    Hollywood began producing surf films in the late 1950s as the first generation of post-World War II War baby boomers reached adolescence. Surfing and the beach symbolised the idealism of carefree fun and freedom. Surfing films have been a critical ingredient in the popularity of surfing culture and have helped to popularised surfing and beach fashion.

    Surfing films provide the opportunity to watch talented and often high profile surfers catching waves that every surfer dream about riding.
    Additional Titles

    Primary title: A Matter of Style

    Web title: A Matter of Style - a film by Steve Soderberg

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