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Surfing poster advertising 'Fluid Drive', by Scott Dittrick and Skip Smith

Date: 1976
Overall: 760 x 340 mm
Medium: Colour lithograph on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection
Classification:Posters and postcards
Object Name: Poster
Object No: 00031873

User Terms

    This poster advertises the 1976 reissue of the 1974 surf film Fluid Drive, by Scott Dittrick and Skip Smith. This updated edit includes additional footage from the 1976 winter island surf season and animations by Bill Davis. Surfing in Australia, California and Hawaii is presented as driving action accompanied by a rock and roll sound track including songs by Led Zepplin, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Lou Reed. The sound recordings were boot-legged from Dittrich's personal collection.

    Fluid Drive was Dittrich's debut film and includes footage of American surfer Bill Hamilton, regarded by many as the definitive surfing stylist from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s. Dittrich went on to make eight other surfing films between 1981 aand 1987.

    SignificanceSurfing films showcase the most talented surfers of the year in exotic locations allowing viewers to compare their styles and skills. These films have become part of popular surfing culture. This poster reflects the graphic style of surfing film posterss of the late 1970s and documents the surfers who dominated the sport and the filmakers who recorded them.

    HistoryThe film consists of radical surfing manoeuvres choreographed to music and was aimed at a youthful audience.

    Hollywood began producing surf films in the late 1950s as the first generation of post-Second World War baby boomers reached adolescence. From this point on surfing films have grown in popularity and become part of popular surf culture. Surfing and the beach symbolised the idealism of carefree fun and freedom - a contrast to the routines and conventions of everyday life.

    Additional Titles

    Web title: Fluid Drive

    Primary title: Surfing poster advertising 'Fluid Drive', by Scott Dittrick and Skip Smith

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