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Set of four service medals awarded to John Fisher for both Dutch and Australian merchant marine service

Date: 1873-1876
Overall (all medals together): 96 x 145 x 8 mm
Medium: Metal, ribbon
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from Victoria Barracks Army Museum
Classification:Coins and medals
Object Name: Medals
Object No: 00047678
Related Place:Aceh,

User Terms

    Part of a group of medals and certificates associated with John Fisher, G Graham, F W Joliff, J Hall and T W Fisher.

    SignificanceThese form part of a diverse collection of merchant navy medals and certificates recording several significant military achievements and the wartime service of Australian merchant mariners.
    HistoryBritish War Medal awarded to Mercantile Marine for at least six months service between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918.

    The Mercantile Marine Medal awarded to those who qualified for the British War Medal and could supply evidence of having served at sea on at least one voyage through a danger zone.

    Atjeh or Kraton Medal 1873-1874. During the so called first Atjeh-war and beginning of the second Atjeh-war in 1873-1874 the Dutch forces tried to capture a palace (kraton) of war-lord Tiban Mohammed. The first expedition (april 1873) was a defeit, the target (Meusigit) was conquered, but the commander (Gen-maj. Kohler) was killed. In november 1873 Gen. van Zwieten returned with a force of 13.000 men. The capturing of the kraton lasted one week. The war-lord and his warriors had fled into the jungle. The bronze medal was struck out of the captured bronze canons of the kraton. The medal was presented to troops participating in the First Aceh War and the Second Aceh War.

    Cross for important War Actions, Atjeh 1873-1896. The Cross for important War Actions was instituted in 1869. For the First and Second Atjeh War a separate medal was struck: the 1873 Kraton or Atjeh medal. There are six clasps for actions in Atjeh between 1873 and 1896.

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