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Date: 1888
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from the New Zealand Government
Classification:Vessels and fittings
Object Name: Gaff cutter
Object No: V00001600
Place Manufactured:Auckland

User Terms

    AKARANA was built in 1888 and first used for racing. It was designed and built in Auckland New Zealand, and shipped by Logan to Melbourne specifically for the 1888 Centennial International Regatta held in Melbourne late in that year. In the Melbourne regatta AKARANA won a lead up event and then one of the feature races on the programme, but faired poorly in another two races when gear failed early on each time. It then came to Sydney for the Anniversary Regatta in 1889, and won the race for its class on handicap.

    SignificanceAKARANA is a yacht from the late 1880s designed and built to the tonnage rules for yacht racing. It has close connections to Australian yacht racing and recreational sailing from 1888 until the 1960s and is representative of the close ties between Australian and New Zealand yachting. AKARANA is also a rare Australian example of a design by Robert Logan, NZ, and shows his unique method of triple-skinned yacht construction.

    HistoryLogan then sold the boat in Sydney in 1889 but the new owner and other subsequent owners used the AKARANA mainly for cruising. It was well known on Sydney Harbour and Broken Bay, and sailed up the Hawkesbury River toward Windsor on one expedition.

    Over many years it underwent a number of changes to its keel, rig and layout. AKARANA's age was catching up to it when it was bought by the New Zealand Government in 1987. They funded a major restoration project and AKARANA became a Bi-Centennial gift from New Zealand to Australia in 1988. More research into AKARANA'S origins then uncovered new evidence of the keel and rig configuration when launched, so further restoration was done by the ANMM in 1997 and AKARANA now sails again on Sydney Harbour.

    Previous owners of AKARANA
    John S Abraham, 1889-1899

    Calveley C McEwen, 1899-1901

    Charles H Relph, 1901-1902

    Kenneth I Love, 1902-1907

    George Robinson, 1907-1909

    James A Ingham, 1909-1910

    Frederick R Poole, 1910-1913

    Charles DW Wray, 1913-1915

    Frank O Day, 1915

    Henry V Carr, 1915

    Henry C Pritchard, 1916

    Jack, Mim and Roy Leigh, 1916-1938

    Gordon Butcher, 1938-circa1942

    Bill Gardiner, circa 1942

    John Barber, 1949-1952

    Eddie Kleeson, 1956-1984

    John and Molly Beach, 1956-1984

    Mark and Wendy Smith, 1984-1987

    Andrew Bishop, 1987-1988

    New Zealand Government, 1988

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