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Bero whaleboat from Lamalera

Date: 1994
Overall: 350 x 440 x 225 mm
Medium: Wood, metal, palm fibre
Credit Line: ANMM Collection
Object Name: Boat model
Object No: 00030143
Place Manufactured:Lembata
Related Place:Lamalera,

User Terms

    This woven boat model of Bero is from the whaling village Lamalera, Lembata, Eastern Indonesia. The hand crafted vessel represents the most common type of small fishing boat used in the region.
    SignificanceThis model is representative of a traditional Bero vessel active in waters close to Northern Australia. They were prominant in local fishing for catching smaller fish on shorter journeys.
    HistoryThe coastal village of Lamalera, Lembata is situated in Eastern Indonesia. The community is a traditional whale hunting society as the island offers little soil for crop cultivation. Fishing vessels were integral to local commerce and livelihood.

    The 'bero' was a small vessel with outriggers on both sides, fitted with two oars, a harpoon on a long pole and a coiled harpoon line. It had a separate lateen woven sail and a bipod mast. The deep hulled small vessel was commonly used for catching smaller fish on short journeys. The boat has an extremely narrow keel and a single mast with a finely woven palm leaf sail. This small local vessel carried 1 to 2 crew.

    The model was commissioned by local boat builders and fishermen in Lamalera. It was completed in 1994, and made from timber from the island of Lembata. It is fitted out with lines and rigging some of which are handmade from local plant materials. The hull is carved from a solid piece and is inscribed and marked to represent carvel and scarfed joints where appropriate.
    Additional Titles

    Primary title: Bero whaleboat from Lamalera

    Web title: Bero

    Collection title: Lamalera collection

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