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Discharge certificates for naval reservists from the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (AN&MEF)

Date: 1914 - 1915
Overall: 245 x 190 x 30 mm, 0.7 kg
Medium: Ink on paper, cardboard, metal
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from Barry J Nesbitt
Object Name: Discharge certificates
Object No: 00029674

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    Names of those whose certificates are included as follows (numbered consecutively from #1 to 207); S D Adam, A Algie, S Ashton-Hansen, G F Ashton, G Bamberry, E H Barnes, J Barnes, P Barnett, T Barry, N Beaton, J Beddall, E R Bennett, W Berry, W J Bertram, L Bingham, R Bird, A Briggs, F P Brown, W H H Brown, L W Bruce, W G Buckland, W F Bundy, G Cahill, A L Callow, H E Camarsh, J V Campbell, C Canham, T Cargill, B C Dudley, T Catton, J Catt, A S Cave, R H Cashin, W E Challinor, A Chambers, G I Clark, L Cement, F J Conlon, A C Connell, L J Connor, J Connors, H D Connor, W E Cooper, C C Courtman, J Courtney, W Cummins, A Daffy, A G Dalzell, E T Davies, A O Davies, J W Davies, H Dewsbury, C E Doodson, J E Doyle, E Dunn, J Dunn, J S Dunn, J C Dunningham, W Durston, A W Eccleston, J Eccleston, J G Eccleston, S Elliott, J E Eskrigge, N S Evennett, A T Eves, J Eves, A Firth, S H Fisk, J Fox, J Francis, M T Frawley, R R J Fuz, E J Fuller, H Gardner, J C Giddy, O W Gilliam, H J Gorman, S E W Gray, J Green, P Gresley, E Grice, W T Gunn, G A Gurmer, F A Hamilton, W H Harris, V L Harrison, J S Hawkes, C L C Harslett, R F Stidden, A Hood, W Howton, S J Humphreys, F Huntsman, H F R John, W Johns, F Johnson, J Johnston, A E Jones, W Kerr, F G Jurd, C W Kenny, R King, A Kingsford, P Knight, W J Lane, A W H Lang, W Langan, J I Law, C Lawton, J Lardner, R T Lay, T Light, C Link, P Lonergan, S F Loughlin, B Mackie, D Mackinnon, T Mallitt, E Memmell, N Manning, H D Miller, R Mitchell, R Moffatt, S Morehouse, A G Moseley, W R Murray, H McCourt, J M McClure, R S McIntyre, J E McFarland, H McFarlane, K McKay, R McKinnon, D McKinnon, M J W M McMahon, J G Nicholls, F R Nicholls, R W Nicholson, B L Nugent, R O'Brien, T O'Sullivan, J Ogilvie, L S Pointer, J A Park, S A Peach, E Pelquest, D Poole, S M Power, W Reece, H H Robbins, J A Robertson, W T Robertson, H Rogers, W A Samuels, E J H Purcell, E W Robertson, G H E Sayers, L Seaberg, H Sharp, D Skillen, S C Smith, T S Smith, A Southerly, R J S Spain, H J Spencer, L J Stanhope, S E Stephens, L N Smith, W S Smith, L J Speak, G R Stewart, R Stapleford, J Stopforth, C C Smith, J Sherry, C M Stephen, J L Shirton, S W Strike, D C Stuart, F R Sykes, A J Tange, A J Taylor, J Thompson, H K Thorpe, H S Tindall, A W Tremlett, W R Turner, N A Wanless, V R Warden, J F V Watson, J Watson, C E Whitley, C H W Williams, R W Williams, J S Wills, E A Witcher, S C Woods, R S Wright, F Wright, and A E Harris.
    HistoryThe Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (AN&MEF) was a small volunteer force of approximately 2,000 men, raised in Australia shortly after the outbreak of the First World War to seize and destroy German wireless stations in German New Guinea in the south-west Pacific. Britain required the German wireless installations to be destroyed because they were used by the German East Asian Cruiser Squadron of Vice-Admiral Maximilian von Spee which threatened merchant shipping in the region. Following the capture of German possessions in the region, the AN&MEF provided occupation forces for the duration of the war. New Zealand provided a similar force for the occupation of German Samoa.
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    Web title: Discharge certificates for naval reservists from the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (AN&MEF)

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