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Bancroft's illustrated authentic narrative of the loss of the ship Dunbar

Date: 1857
Overall: 210 x 140 mm, 1 mm, 0.008 kg
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection
Object Name: Pamphlet
Object No: 00028108
Place Manufactured:Sydney

User Terms

    A pamphlet titled `Bancroft's / illustrated authentic narrative / of the loss of the ship / DUNBAR / together with a list of / passengers and crew, / as far as ascertained to the latest moment. / Also, an account of the fearful / collision of of two steamers / near Melbourne, with / loss of thirty-four lives'.
    HistoryBancroft's account was printed on light weight paper so it could be mailed cheaply to relatives and friends in Europe.
    An advertisement for the pamphlet states that ‘On Saturday next will be published, price 6d by post 9d (forr transmitting home by the Mail Steamer) AN AUTHENTIC NARRATIVE of the loss of the ship DUNBAR, together with a list of Passengers and Crew, as far as ascertained by the latest moment; and other particulars hitherto
    The advertisement goes on to state that, ‘The publisher begs to state that this edition, will not be a mere reprint of the reports previously published, but will be written by a gentlemen who has spared neither accounts that has yet appeared. It will be printed in a neat form : Illustrated Authentic Narrative of the loss of the ship DUNBAR and on paper suitable to send through the post, either to friends in the United Kingdom or the colonies...’
    Sydney Morning Herald (02/09/1857)

    ‘BANCROFT’S EDITION - The Authentic Narrative of the loss of the
    DUNBAR...Printed for transmission by post,containing sixteen pages of closely
    printed matter and illustrations, the whole weighing only half -an-ounce.
    Price sixpence. This is the most complete narrative yet published. The public
    is informed that this edition is comprised into the form of a narrative; that it contains all information up to the present time, and is not, a mere copy of
    newspaper reports; and has also a correct list of names of Passengers and
    Crew, as far as ascertained.’
    Sydney Morning Herald (07/09/1857)

    ‘The wreck of the DUNBAR, the only complete narrative yet published, price
    6d, is BANCROFTs. This edition can be enclosed in an envelope, and
    transmitted home as a letter, thereby ensuring its delivery. To be had of J.
    Cooke, bookseller...’
    Sydney Morning Herald (08/09/1857)

    The Narrative was sold in the thousands, no doubt helped by the graphic description of the dead and the illustrations of the wreck, ‘Corpses of men, women, and children, some of then fearfully mutilated, were dashed against the beating crags,and as rapidly borne back again by the relentless surge, while here and there heads or limbs which had been torn off by repeated concussion’s against the rocks, were thrown up as if in jeering mockery by the very element thathad caused their destructions.’

    Many of the narratives were sent back to relatives and friends in England, no doubt reinforcing the impression that sea travel and immigration were hazardous and serious undertakings.

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