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Doily featuring the inscription 'The Aussies and the Yanks are here'

Date: 1942 - 1945
Overall: 3 x 310 mm, 0.05 kg
Medium: Cotton
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Purchased with USA Bicentennial Gift funds
Object Name: Doily
Object No: 00019610
Place Manufactured:Australia

User Terms

    This white crocheted doily features a map of Australia and the Southern Cross and the inscription "The Aussies and the Yanks are here". The doily symbolises the relationship and alliance between America and Australia during World War II.
    SignificanceThis piece evokes the nostalgia of the early 1940s when US servicemen arrived in Australia in large numbers. It illustrates national alliances at the time and the presence of US naval forces in the Pacific, stationed at the Pearl Harbor base.
    HistoryAmerica officially entered the arena of World War II after the Japanese attacked the Hawaiian base Pearl Harbour. Prior to World War II, Australian foreign policy had previously followed the direction of British Imperial policy. As British troops were already heavily engaged in the War, the Australian Prime Minster John Curtin recognised the need to strongly establish Australia's interests by forging an alliance with a new ally, the United States of America. Curtin's acceptance of the United States General Douglas MacArthur as the Supreme Allied Commander in the Pacific brought an end to Australia's military relationship with the United Kingdom in the Pacific.

    During World War II thousands of American troops came to Australia. After their arrival, many were housed in make-shift camps in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. In a show of hospitality, many Australian families shared their rationed food by inviting US servicemen into their homes for meals.

    On 19 February, 1942 the war came to Australia's doorstep. Darwin was bombed by the Japanese twice that day with the loss of 250 civilian lives and over 300 casualties. The US Navy, in port at the time, lost eight ships and another 15 were damaged.

    The following month General Douglas MacArthur arrived in Brisbane and set up his headquarters. Both the local public and national politicians welcomed this American presence in Australia.
    Additional Titles

    Web title: Doily featuring the inscription 'The Aussies and the Yanks are here'


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