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Madurese leteh-leteh

Date: 1970s
Overall: 1070 mm, 16.4 kg
Medium: Timber
Credit Line: ANMM Collection
Object Name: Ship model
Object No: 00018115
Place Manufactured:Indonesia
Related Place:Madura,

User Terms

    This ship model at a scale of about 1:10 is a typically accurate representation of a 'leteh-leteh' (or lete-lete), a general all-purpose trading and fishing boat for the people in the island of Madura, Indonesia [off the north coast of Java] The hull has been carved from a solid piece of timber with a mast attached and a removable rudder. It is decorated in the typical style of a leteh-leteh. Ship models such as this are used in blessing rituals to protect full-sized vessels and their crew at sea.
    SignificanceThis model represents traditional vessels in Indonesia and the importance of ship models in ceremonial blessing rituals.
    HistorySome ship models have important religious significance for the people who manufacture them. Madurese communities are known to perform blessing rituals on vessels by sprinkling them with holy water and scattering flower petals. In the place of a full sized vessel, ship models can also be used in a ceremony. The models are usually built by fishermen of the area and are often placed on stands and displayed on villagers' verandahs.

    The 'leteh-leteh' are ubiquitous vessels, either locally owned or arriving with passengers and cargo from outlying Madurese-speaking islands such as Raas. They are a long-distance vessel used by the Madurese for trading and are believed to have been designed in the 20th century. Usually seen on the northern side of the islands between Timor and Singapore they are sturdy on the sea and are known to have occasionally come to Australian shores to fish, principally for trepang (sea cucumbers, beche-de-mer).
    Additional Titles

    Web title: Madurese leteh-leteh

    Primary title: Madurese leteh-leteh

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