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Women celebrating American Australian League of Help War Chest Day

Date: 1917
Medium: Emulsion on glass
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Transfer from the Mitchell Library
Object Name: Glass plate negative
Object No: 00010045
Place Manufactured:Sydney

User Terms

    A black and white photograph of Women celebrating American Australian League of Help War Chest Day in Sydney, Australia.
    The photograph was most likely taken on the 28th September 1917, known as 'War Chest Day'. There were many stalls set up throughout Sydney and suburbs. This particular stall was run by Mrs J.B.Britten and was set up in Moore Street in the city (a short street orginally between Pitt and Castlereagh streets that no longer exsists as it was renamed in 1921 to become part of the larger Martin Place.)

    SignificanceThe Hall collection provides an important pictorial record of recreational boating in Sydney Harbour, from the 1890s to the 1930s – from large racing and cruising yachts, to the many and varied skiffs jostling on the harbour, to the new phenomenon of motor boating in the early twentieth century . The collection also includes images of the many spectators and crowds who followed the sailing races.
    HistoryThe War Chest drive was to help cover the mounting costs of the war and to provide urgent funds to assit in buying equipment and food to help Australian soilders endure another harsh European winter. An extract from The Sydney Morning Herald fromm 3rd August 1917 reads:

    "A special appeal to the public of New South Wales, in connection with War Chest Day, has been issued as follows:-
    "The committee of the Citizens' 'War Chest' Fund has obtained the sanction of the Government of New South Wales and the State War Council for a special appeal to the public of New South Wales on Friday, September 28.
    "The urgency will be realized when it is known that of £162,728 contributed during the past three years, about £161,600 has been ex- pended and committed on necessary comforts, and this special appeal falls a little later than the third anniversary of the fund. Its English, French, and Egyptian branches all report the urgency of an immediate preparation for the coming winter, which bids fair to be a trying one for our boys, some of whom after three years' absence must be very war weary. It Is clearly the duty of every man, woman, and child to strain every effort to help to supply comforts to our fighting men at the front.
    "The conditions of winter campaigning on the Western Front are very severe, and it is superfluous to enlarge upon them here. The War Chest activities begin and end while the men are actually engaged in the trenches, or resting behind the lines or on furlough. The fund confines its labours to the fighting man, and, so far as it can, it helps to keep him physically fit and in good spirits.
    The War Chest has earned all-round commendation for the results it has achieved with its coffee stalls right in the trenches in France. The War Chest Club in Horseferry road, London, is the rendezvous for all Australian soldiers spending a short furlough there, while War Chest branches in Egypt and Mesopotamia are following the firing line, however far it may extend.
    All this implies a large and ever-increasing expenditure, and the committee hopes that the next two months' contributions, culminating in the War Chest Day on September 28, will put the fund in such a financial position that It will be able to cable to all its centres abroad that it can tide over the winter stress and strain.
    Indicative of the magnitude of the task the following cable has been received from Mr. T. S. Woodburn, the London Chief Commissioner of the fund:-
    "Concensus of opinion, General Birdwood, and all divisional commanders, our proposal purchasing 'Tommy Cookers' primus stoves extremely gratifying. General Rosenthal says: 'No article supplied by Comforts Fund last winter was more useful, beneficial to health, and appreciated than these. Our requirements November to April are: Socks, half million; shirts, 120,000; eucalyptus, 5000 bottles, milk, half a million tins; oatmeal, 50 tons; biscuits, 100 tons; sugar, 20 tons; sweets, 200,000 lb; all smokes possible.'
    "Above and beyond this money is required in London for the purchase of plum puddings, cookers, stoves, refills, soup, oxo, cocoa. Re- member last winter's appalling conditions. Boys depending on Australia for releif. Queen Mary's birthday gift to Australian troops represents 3000 pairs socks. Distribution through
    our channels!"
    "Let it always be remembered that there is no limit to the fund's financial needs, for it can never hope to completely meet the re- quirements of our men in the field. . It leaves the matter to the public with confidence in the outcome of its appeal. Contributions will be gladly received at the Citizens' War Chest Fund, Dalton House, 115 Pitt-street and, unless stated otherwise, will be counted as War Chest Day contributions."
    H. Y. BRADDON, President
    ROSS GORE, Hon. Organiser of War Chest Day.Fix this text

    Additional Titles

    Web title: Women celebrating American Australian League of Help War Chest Day

    Assigned title: Photograph depicting celebrations on American Australian League of Help War Chest Day

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