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Book including 'Ongeluckige voyagie, van't schip BATAVIA, nae de oost-indien' by Francois Pelsaert

Date: 1647
Overall: 192 x 149 x 20 mm, 0.25 kg
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection
Classification:Books and journals
Object Name: Book
Object No: 00006056
Place Manufactured:Amsterdam

User Terms

    A single book compiling three VOC (Dutch East India Company) journals by three different authors published together by Jan Jansz. The book covers three separate expeditions by the VOC. One is Francois Pelsaert's account of the wreck of the BATAVIA, titled Ongeluckige voyagie, van't schip Batavia, nae de oost-indien' it covers the period of October 1628 to October 1629. It covers subsequent events and is illustrated with engravings.

    The second journal is titled 'Verbael ende historisch verhael van't gene des vereenighde nederlandtsche geoctroyeerde oost-idnische compagnies dienaers / onder de directie van jeremias van vliet, in de jeren 1636'. It covers the period December 1636 to January 1637 and gives an account of Van Vliet's expedition to Siam. The final journal, titled 'Droevigh verhael van't gene sich in persia in't konincklijcke hof ende stadt espahan...In den jare 1645', gives an account of an expedition to Isfahan, Persia, in 1645.
    SignificanceThe gruesome details surrounding the wreck of the BATAVIA on a reef off West Australia made popular reading and served to raise European awareness of the existence of Australia.
    HistoryDuring the 1600s the Dutch East India Company or Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC) was a rapidly expanding merchant organisation. The VOC established a trade network throughout Asia by transporting rare spices, exotic textiles and seeking new markets for their goods. These Asian goods were highly sought after in Europe, allowing the VOC to establish a profitable enterprise between Europe and the East Indies. A number of Dutch ships are known to have wrecked on the west Australian coast, leaving evidence of their passing in the form of wreckage coins and pottery. Dutch maps at this time also began to portray the coastline of Australia (New Holland), which proved to be of great benefit for later explorers.
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    Web title: Book including 'Ongeluckige voyagie, van't schip BATAVIA, nae de oost-indien' by Francois Pelsaert

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