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Plates to South Sea Voyages, Volume Two. ( Views in the South Seas. Plates to Cook's Third Voyage after artist John Webber)

Date: 1788
Overall: 40 x 560 x 412 mm, 4.6 kg
Display Dimensions: 563 x 30 x 415 mm
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection
Classification:Books and journals
Object Name: Book
Object No: 00000432

User Terms

    A volume of engravings based on the original works by John Webber who was the artist on board Captain James Cook's third and final voyage.
    This volume, marked on spine 'Plates to South Sea Voyages, Volume Two', is a pictorial record of the third voyage and presented in the chronological order of places visited during the expedition. The plates begin with a view of Christmas Harbour, in Kerguelen's Land and end with an image titled 'The Inside of a Winter Habitation, in Kamtschatka'.

    SignificanceBased on the excellent work of voyage artist John Webber, these views are a significant addition to the written account of Cook's third and final voyage.
    History"Mr Webber was pitched upon, and engaged to embark with me, for the express purpose of supplying the unavoidable imperfections of written accounts, by enabling us to preserve, and to bring home, such drawings of the most memorable scenes of our transactions, as could be expected by a professed and skilled artist". (James Cook 1776).

    In July 1776 Cook sailed from England in command of the RESOLUTION on his third and final expedition to the Pacific. His second-in-command was Charles Clerke aboard the DISCOVERY. The purpose of the expedition was to search for the North-West passage thought to have an outlet somewhere on the west coast of North America. The expedition was also tasked with returning the Polynesian Omai to Huahine after his two year sojourn in England.

    After leaving the Cape of Good Hope, the two expedition ships sailed to Tahiti via Tasmania (anchoring in Adventure Bay), New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Tonga. Omai was landed at Huahine in late 1777 and Cook then sailed into the north Pacific for the first time, visiting the Hawaiian Islands in the process.

    During the summer of 1778, the expedition explored and mapped the Pacific coast of North America between Oregon and Alaska and passed through the Bering Strait before turned back by impenetrable ice flows. The RESOLUTION and DISCOVERY then sailed back to Hawaii to avoid the winter and it was there that Cook was killed on 14 February 1779 at Kealakekua Bay.

    Charles Clerke then took command of the expedition, but died of tuberculosis in August of the same year. He was buried in the cemetery at Petropavlovsk. As a result John Gore took command and the expedition returned to England in 1780.

    Included amongst the expedition personnel was the accomplished artist John Webber, and as a result, the expedition produced a rich pictorial record. The views are:

    1. A View of Christmas Harbour, in Kerguelen's Land
    2. A Man of Van Diemen's Land
    3. A Woman of van Diemen's Land
    4. An Opossum of Van Diemen's Land
    5. The Inside of a Hippah, in New Zealand
    6. A Man of Mangea
    7. A View of Anamooka
    8. The Reception of Captain Cook, in Hapaee
    9. A Boxing Match, in Hapaee
    10. A Night Dance by Men, in Hapaee
    11. A Night Dance by Women, in Hapaee
    12. Poulaho, King of the Friendly Islands
    13. Poulaho, King of the Friendly Islands, drinking Kava
    14. A Fiatooka, or Morai, in Tongataboo
    15. The Natche, a Ceremony in Honour of the King's Son, in Tongataboo
    16. A Woman of Eaoo
    17. A Human Sacrifice in a Morai, in Otaheite
    18. The Body of Tee, a Chief, as preserved after Death, in Otaheite
    19. A Young Woman of Otaheite, bringing a present
    20. A Dance in Otaheite
    21. A Young Woman of Otaheite, Dancing
    22. A View of Huaheine
    23. A Morai, in Atooi
    24. The Inside of the House, in Morai, in Atooi
    25. An Inland View , in Atooi
    26. A Man of Nootka Sound
    27. A Woman of Nootka Sound
    28. Various Articles, at Nootka Sound
    29. A View of the Habitations in Nootka Sound
    30. The Inside of a House in Nootka Sound
    31. A Sea Otter
    32. A View of Snug Corner Cove, in Prince William's Sound
    33. A Man of Prince William's Sound
    34. A Woman of Prince William's Sound
    35. A Man of Oonalashka
    36. A Woman of Oonalashka
    37. Canoes of Oonalashka
    38. The Tschuktschi, and their Habitations
    39. Sea Horses
    40. Inhabitants of Norton Sound, and their Habitations
    41. Caps of Natives of Oonalashka
    42. Natives of Oonalashka, and their Habitations
    43. The Inside of a House, in Oonalashka
    44. An Offering before Capt. Cook, in the Sandwich Islands
    45. Tereoboo, King of Owyhee, bringing Presents to Capt. Cook
    46. A Man of the Sandwich Islands, Dancing
    47. A Young Woman of the Sandwich Islands
    48. A Man of the Sandwich Islands with his Helmet
    49. A Canoe of the Sandwich Islands, the Rowers Masked
    50. A Man of the Sandwich Islands, in a Mask
    51. Various Articles, at the Sandwich Islands
    52. A View of Karakakooa, in Owyhee
    53. A Man of Kamtschatka, Travelling in Winter
    54. A View of Bolcheretzkoi, in Kamtschatka
    55. A White Bear
    56. A View of the Town and Harbour of St Peter and St Paul, in Kamtschatka
    57. A Man of Kamtschatka
    58. A Woman of Kamtschatka
    59. Summer and Winter Habitations, in Kamtschatka
    60. The Inside of a Winter Habitation, in Kamtschatka

    Additional Titles

    Primary title: Plates to South Sea Voyages, Volume Two.

    Assigned title: Plates to South Sea Voyages, Volume Two. ( Views in the South Seas. Plates to Cook's Third Voyage after artist John Webber)

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