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Can four of 16mm film by Oskar Speck

Date: 1930s
Medium: Film
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Classification:Audio visual material
Object Name: Film
Object No: ANMS0547[004]
Related Place:Papua New Guinea,

User Terms

    Depicts workers gathering building materials such as stones, making mortar and building scaffolds, Papua New Guinea.

    00:01 Shots of men working in a quarry (?), sitting under shades made from ferns leafs and bamboo(?). They are using axes and hammers.
    00:15 Man rolling a large stone across the ground.
    00:28 Two men shovelling sand into woven baskets on shore.
    00:35 Man pouring water from a hollowed tree trunk, into a pit, which two other men then mix the water with sand using hoes.
    01:03 Two men, working together, carrying rocks using a pole over their shoulders. Camera pans around to the left, showing men depositing rocks from their baskets, onto a larger pile of rocks in the middle of the road.
    01:40 Horse and cart, swarm of workers working around a wet pit.
    01:54 Bamboo ladders and scaffolding with workers.
    02:10 Man hammering a large piece of wood.
    02:20 Cow with a woman standing at its head.
    02:35 Bamboo ladders and scaffolding (again).
    02:56 Man working a large piece of stone, with an axe.
    03:37 View from the top of the scaffolding (under exposed, lard to see).
    03:28 Worker with trowel, laying mortar between rocks. He wears a hat.
    03:43 Large building with verandah and landscaped gardens. Shots from various angles. Showing extend of the walls.
    03:56 Road/walkway, with fencing. People walking two-and-fro with baskets on their heads.
    04:18 Shot of two small thatched bungalows. Shot of rock garden.
    04:20 End of film.

    Related People
    Photographer: Oskar Speck

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