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Can seven of 16mm film by Oskar Speck

Date: 1930s
Medium: Film
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Classification:Audio visual material
Object Name: Film
Object No: ANMS0547[007]
Related Place:Papua New Guinea,

User Terms

    Film shows people around the village of huts on stilts by the river, swimming and boogie boarding in the water, fishing and women working, Papua New Guinea.

    00:01 Large canoe, with perhaps a dozen people, coming into shore.
    00:40 Children boogie boarding in the surf.
    02:09 Mountains on the other side of the bay.
    02:16 Large canoe coming into shore, men wade out to meet it and begin unloading as they pull it into shore. This footage seems to be the same was ANMS0547[001]_2 and ANMS0547[001]_6, but flipped – i.e. mirror image reversed.
    03:35 Large, thatched hut on the edge of the shore. Palm trees surround it.
    03:42 Woman working fibres. Followed by close up of said woman (04:55).
    05:17 Children fishing with bows and arrows.
    06:19 Group of people sitting on a verandah of the huts on stilts.
    06:55 Close up of a man on the verandah, working on a basket/fishing net (Weaving? Sewing?).
    07:22 Shot of two women with nose piercings, wearing feathered arm bands.
    07:41 Women and children walking up the step ladders and into the huts on stilts.
    08:11 Man working on a canoe, hollowing a log out with a long axe.
    08:35 Two adults and a child paddling a small canoe downstream.
    08:54 Woman standing by the edge of the river.
    09:20 Close up shots of several women.
    10:15 Pig eating from a partially hollowed out canoe.
    11:00 Medium sized canoe, coming into shore, with about six people aboard. Headland visible, in the background, on the left. Shot is out of focus. They bring the canoe ashore (11:40).
    11:50 Partial, close up shot of a woven textile.
    12:05 End of film.

    Content is very similar, indeed a repeat of parts of, ANMS0547[001]_2.
    Related People
    Photographer: Oskar Speck

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