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Can nine of 16mm film by Oskar Speck

Date: 1930s
Medium: Film
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Classification:Audio visual material
Object Name: Film
Object No: ANMS0547[009]
Related Place:Papua New Guinea,

User Terms

    Shots of another village with thatched huts, inland. Shots of the jungle, canoes on the water and spear fishing, Papua New Guinea.

    00:01 “Agfa” film logo
    00:07 Various, close up shots of men on rafts and boats, presumably fishing.
    00:38 Gardens and palm trees of a building (temple?) between the hills.
    01:01 men ashore, unpacking fishing nets from the boats. Wearing white hats.
    01:33 Man, wearing board brimmed hat, fishing with a rod on a beach.
    01:44 Man driving two cows to plough a muddy field.
    02:15 Some kind of stationary steam engine.
    02:33 Man on beach, turning around, carrying several large baskets of produce.
    02:41 Two women carrying two very tall baskets on their heads, across the beach.
    03:00 Temple with large stone statues. Various shots of statues.
    03:40 Another shot of the women walking along the beach with the very tall baskets.
    04:16 Children playing in the water, in the middle ground is a canoe with three people.
    04:35 Close up of girl, with bone earrings.
    04:43 Fishing boats in a small harbour.
    05:00 Children swimming and canoeing in the harbour.
    05:18 Two women, in long sleeved shirts and long skirts, using long poles to mix the contents of the stone pot.
    05:35 Canoeing on the harbour.
    05:43 Young woman sitting on a wide, wooden staircase. She wears a dark coloured, long sleeved top, long skirt and a light coloured scarf about her neck. Includes a close up shot of her face.
    06:05 Two panning shot of the huts, on stilts. Bamboo walls and thatched roofs. The huts stand between two and four storeys high.
    06:35 Women and children at the edge of the river.
    06:57 Three women with long poles processing food.
    07:09 Bats in the tree tops.
    07:31 Man, in white safari suit, holding a bat with its wings open. (07:53) Close up shot of dead bat’s head.
    08:09 Shot from road, looking down to the village, then pans across the jungle, to the right.
    08:25 At work in the jungle, using axes and ploughs (various shots).
    09:32 Playing some kind of game on the ground, while others look on.
    09:55 At work in the jungle, using axes and ploughs.
    10:06 Over a dozen men digging out a large, deep pit.
    10:16 Women washing clothes at a makeshift waterfall.
    11:16 Two men leading three donkeys down a dirt road.
    11:33 White flowers on a branch with large glossy leaves.
    11:40 Women harvesting the white flowers and berries from the plants with the large glossy leaves. Various shots.
    12:34 Black sand beach.
    13:15 Vegetation at the black sand beach.
    13:27 Cactuses
    13:36 Two boats with several men on board. There are several boats and men in subsequent shots.
    14:55 Large group of men standing under the shade of a thatched verandah.
    15:12 Two women and their small children sitting on the pavement.
    15:20 Shot of hut with patio on the side, made from palm ferns. There are chickens walking around the hut. Row of similar huts.
    15:48 Shot of headland, panning to the beach on the left.
    16:10 Shot of a group of Asian women.
    16:15 Man crouched on ground hammering with a bent instrument.
    16:33 Shot of vegetation, including a very skinny palm tree which a man is climbing (close up shot).
    18:11 Child with goggles at the beach.
    18:46 Four people swimming with goggles and spears.
    19:55 Man climbing out of water, onto the rocks with his freshly speared fish.
    20:34 Two women putting sand into small pockets by hand.
    21:04 Small sailing vessel underway on the sea.
    21:21 End of film

    Related People
    Photographer: Oskar Speck

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