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Can eleven of 16mm film by Oskar Speck

Date: 1930s
Medium: Film
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Classification:Audio visual material
Object Name: Film
Object No: ANMS0547[011]

User Terms

    Film contains scenes of large dancing crowds, women weaving, canoes and kayaks on the water and cooking on the beach, Papua New Guinea.

    00:00 – 00:40 SMPTE colour bars then blank.
    00:41 A crowd has gathered around, watching. Two men are holding a spit with rabbits (?), above the drummer.
    00:55 Several men in ceremonial dress (grass skirts and shell necklaces) are dancing on the spot.
    01:43 Marchers, in a formation, marching on the spot while playing the drums.
    01:57 Cock fighting – various shots of the watching crowd, close ups of chickens and the owners parading prize chickens around the ring. The men and boys wear white shirts and sarongs.
    04:15 Man in foreground, holding long chicken feathers, dancing on a dirt floor. Behind him a crowd dances too. Man in the white shirt comes back into frame and the man in the striped shirt leaves.
    04:48 A man in a long skirt, dances down a dirt road, with a crowd of onlookers following him in a semi-circle. They all appear to be wearing traditional costume and moving to the beat of a drum/song. A second man joins him in the centre of the circle. The circle seems to be predominately made up of women.
    05:55 Another shot of the circle, from a different angle. The women have small drums under their right arms.
    06:25 A woman is asleep, on the ground, with four small drums beside her. She wears a shell bracelet on her wrist.
    06:36 Two men crouching, holding chickens attempting to fight each other.
    07:00 Overhead shot of people playing a game with small tokens.
    07:12 Two people dancing with ceremonial swords, with a line of women dancing and playing drums behind them. Various shots.
    09:37 Man playing a trumpet with beach in the background. Close up of trumpet player. White/bank (this was the end of ANMS0547[001]_1 at this point).
    10:15 Camp at a beach.
    10:39 Large canoe with a man wearing a hat, coming into shore.
    10:50 Child cooking food on a small fire at the beach.
    11:37 Canoes on the water and the tide coming it (panning shot to the left). Shots of long huts on the beach. Shot of church and surrounding village.
    13:37 Woman weaving. Another shot of a woman weaving with a child on her lap.
    14:07 Various shots of canoes at sea and coming into shore.
    14:33 Shot of beachside village from nearby cliff.
    15:57 Shots of village life – cooking food, walking around, details of the huts and weaving.
    17:10 Frames of partially built huts.
    18:35 Weaving with large fern leaves. (This was the end of ANMS0547[008]_4).

    (From here the film is a copy of most of ANMS0547[008]_1).
    19:21 Two men playing drums; the one of the left plays a drum on his hip, the person on the right plays a long drum from between their knees. A line of women move to the left, behind the drummers. The shot pans around showing more dancers moving to the left, in a large circle. Several other shots, from different angles of the scene.
    20:42 Group of children playing flutes.
    21:08 Three women, in silhouette, working large poles up and down, in front of a thatched hut.
    21:27 Shot of a lone kayak coming down a wide river. Speck (?) comes into shore, greeted by a crowd who then carry his canoe up the hills.
    22:05 Man standing in front of a hut, wearing a loincloth, holding two poles.
    22:12 Beach.
    22:42 End of film.

    The first part of the film is a mirrored version of the middle of ANMS0547[001]_1.

    The second part of the film is a copy of ANMS0547[008]_4 and parts of ANMS0547[008]_1.

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    Photographer: Oskar Speck

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