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Can thirteen of 16mm film by Oskar Speck

Date: 1930s
Medium: Film
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Classification:Audio visual material
Object Name: Film
Object No: ANMS0547[013]

User Terms

    Film contains shots of dancing, huts, a classroom of students, communal eating and weaving, Papua New Guinea.

    00:01 Dancers with large, pointy headdresses.
    00:50 A class room (?), with large print of a steamer passenger liner on the wall. Shots of the students at their desks.
    01:45 Dancers, moving in a large semicircle.
    01:53 Mountains in the distance.
    02:03 A dozen or so women sitting in the shade, under a tree.
    02:20 Large canoe on the water with crew and passengers. Various shots.
    02:50 Huts with thatched roofs.
    03:05 Trying to raise the sail on a catamaran.
    03:15 Close up detail of thatching.
    03:40 Panning shot of men walking across the beach.
    03:55 Three men preparing thatching for a roof and weaving.
    04:22 Overhead shot of two-up/token game. Very crowded scene.
    04:36 A person picking at a bush.
    04:45 Curious youths looking at an empty turtle shell. Cleaning and removing parts of the shell.
    05:16 Eating in a circle.
    05:32 A woman weaving.
    05:40 wide shot of thatched open huts for shade. Chickens and dogs in the scene.
    06:30 Searching through the long grass with spears.
    06:50 A man climbing a palm tree and cutting coconuts.
    07:40 Group of men eating and sitting on the ground.
    08:00 Man separating the leaves from the palm fronds.
    08:15 (Out of focus).
    08:25 Fishing boat, anchored in the water with mountain headland visible in the background. Camera pans right to show bay of anchored boats and catamarans.
    08:55 Large fishing canoe.
    09:05 Shot of huts, with chickens in foreground and a cooking fire in the middles of the shot. Palm trees in the background.
    09:18 Children swimming with toy canoes.
    09:35 Woman collecting water into small hallowed tree trunk.
    09:55 Woman washing cloth by hand at work hole.
    10:28 Women working with fleece.
    10:58 Palm trees and rocky river to the beach.
    11:20 Sharks head, decaying on sand.
    11:28 Detail of thatched roofs. Several shots.
    12:01 Shot of hut on rock, under a tree with stone fences.
    12:25 Children playing near large boat.
    12:44 Traditional animal sculpture.
    13:00 Dancing in a circle, with feathered head dresses and spears, bows and arrows. Several shots.
    15:48 End of film.

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    Photographer: Oskar Speck

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