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Can fourteen of 16mm film by Oskar Speck

Date: 1930s
Medium: Film
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Classification:Audio visual material
Object Name: Film
Object No: ANMS0547[014]

User Terms

    Film contains shots of dancing, swimming, weaving and fish in an aquarium, Papua New Guinea.

    00:01 Large crowds, dancing in a clockwise moving circle. Various shots.
    02:20 Shots of village and huts.
    02:40 Youths dancing in a circle with their bows and arrows.
    03:30 Children playing soccer (or similar ball game).
    03:59 Four people standing on a rocky river inlet.
    04:15 Men cooking and preparing food, including dismembering the sea turtle.
    06:26 Shots of the sea turtle failing on the sand.
    07:15 Children playing in the water at the beach.
    07:50 Close up of young girl swimming, with large white earrings.
    07:58 More shots of children playing in the water, including with a small catamaran. Walking back to camp.
    08:52 (Under exposed/too dark to discern details).
    09:00 Two women talking in the shade.
    09:36 Woman working with long grasses.
    10:15 Woman weaving and working with palm fronds.
    10:52 People preparing food, with thatched hut in background.
    11:22 Overhead shot of bay, river and village.
    11:55 Fishes in an aquarium.
    13:20 (Upside down shot. Can’t discern subject clearly).
    15:24 Market place. People are seen wearing several types of clothes – shirts, sarongs, long skirts, to loin cloths and arm bands.
    15:40 Dancing in a circle. Various shots.
    17:34 Carrying fishing nets and canoes onto shore.
    17:52 Men is white shirts and turban like head wraps.
    18:02 Old woman with a conical what and white shirt, in the background are boats pulled upon the shore.
    18:10 Shot of palm trees (and a temple? Ruins?)
    18:40 Rice fields. Various shots.
    20:10 Building a hut, frame already erected.
    20:51 Dentist (?) – a man cleaning another’s teeth.
    21:23 More shots of the rice fields.
    21:23 Fishing boats and catamarans on the bay. Panning shot to the right, lots of palm trees on the shore.
    22:23 Catamaran going down river with two men aboard.
    22:42 End of film.

    Related People
    Photographer: Oskar Speck

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