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Letter to Wolfgang Czichy, of Europa Kurier Publishing Group from Oskar Speck

Date: 25 September 1987
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0540[026]

User Terms

    Letter to Wolfgang Czichy, of Europa Kurier Publishing Group from Oskar Speck typed in German over one page and dated 25 September 1987. The letter relates to an article Europa Kurier publishing wishes to publish about Oskar’s journey which he would prefer to be dropped. Letter makes note of some amendments necessary to the details.
    • Oskar Speck , 25 September 1987 21-23 Scenic Rd Kilcare NSW 2256 To: Europa Kurier Publishing Group Attention Mr. W. Czichy Dear Mr. Czichy, I have received your letter dated 10 September 1987. I have read your report about my trip to Australia in a folding boat and there is a lot I could tell you about it, but I prefer not to comment. I shall add a copy of a letter I wrote to the Consul Dr. Kroeger back in April. You will realise from it that I have very little interest in seeing an article about my journey published – except if it is written in a manner that reflects the way it was then, and still is today; a unique sporting achievement. I can understand that you look at this article with today’s ideas in mind. But it wasn’t like that more than 50 years ago. There was a sporting discipline in Europe that was kayaking and also folding-boating. This sport was so popular that it is still part of the Olympics even today, despite water pollution in Europe. In England there is a discipline called “handsailing”, and a variant of that is “surfsailing”, which is so popular everywhere today. The Pioneer Folding Boat Yard certainly didn’t let me have four of its most expensive folding boats for free so that I could paddle just anywhere in the world. My journey had a goal, and that goal was Australia. The report would have to be written by a journalist who knows the ocean. Only then can it be of interest for your readers. I do concede that it would not be easy to find such a person and that’s why I think it would be best to drop the whole matter. Best regards, Oskar Speck
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