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Letter quoting Mr Hans Sachs

Date: 1907-1993
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0541[010]

User Terms

    Letter quoting Mr Hans Sachs typed in German and dated 14 October no year. The letter, begins with a quote of another letter addressed to Mr Lois Speck by Hans Sachs.
    • [The document consists of one half page with blue typewriting. The edges are deteriorated and partly cut off. The translator assumes that it is part of a letter written by one of Speck’s brothers, quoting from a letter by Hans Sachs with whom the brothers had a dispute about business matters.] Hamburg, 14 October [year cut off] To Mr Lois Speck, Altona-Ottensen, Roonstr. 45 Thanks a lot for your letter dated 12 this month. I have taken note of its contents. If you do in fact have your son’s power of attorney he should have instructed you on how to act appropriately. [I wonder] about your son Oskar, anyway. We used to be good friends. [It is strange that] he has left you in the dark about this business. You write to me that either I pay by the 17th of this month or else I have to return the set. You write further that I can have my own 3 valve set with loudspeaker (Belmonte brand) back for a while and pay user fees for it. However, your very distinguished son had ceded the whole claim to Miss Kugelberg. That lady is now also very interested in getting the money back she lent to your son. The whole ceding business was conducted before two witnesses. However, your son failed to inform me about any of this. Furthermore, the 70 reichsmark [I have to pay] include the repair to my three valve Belmonte set including loudspeaker. That done, I expect your son to let me know who will be the recipient of the rest of the money, whether it is you or miss Kugelberg. Once all of this is sorted out I will be quite happy to resolve the matter once and for all. Yours very sincerely, signed Hans Sachs I had only written to him that he should pay the accrued instalments or return the set, as you had advised me. Would you please write a letter to him on how the whole affair is to be resolved. I will deliver the letter to him myself. Just tell him that your brother has to pay a larger sum on your behalf and that it is now very urgent that he pay his debt. You may well instill a bit of fear in him by mentioning that you expect to be home in the next couple of months. [The page is cut off at this point.]

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