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Letter from Oskar Speck to his sister Emmi

Date: 1 March 1933
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0534[001]

User Terms

    Letter from Oskar Speck to his sister Emmi handwritten German, dated 1 March, 1933. Text on both sides of page, regarding his plans for the next few months and his health.
    • Veles 1 March 1933 Dear Emmy, I’ve received your card. Thanks very much. Writing this letter to you today, after which you probably won’t hear from meagain for the next couple of months. Wrote a letter to Hans Harkensee and enclosed a negative of myself. Asked Hans to have a photo made for me, too. I’ll be leaving Veles on 12 March at 9am. I’ll reach the Greek border in two days and finally be out of Yugoslavia. I won’t spend much time with the Greeks, butbut rather continue directly on to Turkey via the northern Spiradesnxx. The trip will take about 3 weeks. If there is anything I can do in Turkey then I’ll stay there for a couple of months. Otherwise I will continue to Persia (via Syria, i.e. if I receive the visa). Have already been very fortunate to have obtained the Greek visa, because you normally can’t get oneit at all. There are still countries that don’t want to have anything to do with Germany. I only received the visa by presenting myself as a sportsman. It was only last week that they deported two Germans back to Germany. Seppl wrote that you wanted my glassesxx. Of course you can have them and you don’t have to send me any money for them. However, I do have one wish: Mr Lindloff sent me strings for my Mandolaxx ([type of Mandolin]) as I had asked him to do, but he didn’t send me the right ones. He probably misunderstood me. So if you want to do me a favour, please send me some strings of the sort I’m enclosing in the letter. I don’t think you will have to pay more than 15 Pfennig for them. You can’t get any over here, not even in SkopljgeSkopjexx, where I had to go last week because of my boat. I’d also appreciate it if you could enclose a couple of horn plectrumsxx , but make sure they’re out of horn because the other ones don’t last. As playing the Mandolaxx is the only sort of entertainment I have, it would be such a pity if I had to give it up just because of a lack of strings. So you’ll do me the favour, won’t you?. I mainly need E and A strings; the G and D strings seem to last forever. Am waiting for a reply from Mr Schmidt about whether he has received a parcel “M.v.W.” [meaning unclear]xx. If he has, I’ll send you a parcel containing Turkish specialities, before I depart from Veles. I’ll print “poison” onto the parcel so that the [customs] officers dwon’t eat them all, but you can tuck into them. They’re the only thing these Moslems can make properly and they tastes delicious. In regard to the Z.spitze[lace,?]xx there’s no point in sending it from here because the philistines (bastards?)xx would only steal it. So preferably I’ll send you something else instead. There’s no need for me to write about my financial situation, which will probably already have caused a turbulent debate after Seppel received my last letter. But I can’t help it if everything that has to do with me goes wrong. As I said, I (really) have to leave on 12th March so everything has to be finalised by 10th-11th March. The 12th [March] falls on a Sunday and the post office will be closed. So, only expect an occasional postcard from me during the next couple of months. You probably won’t be able to contact me at all until I find a place to settle for a whilexx. Hoping you and yours are well and will remain well. Kindest regards to you and all memebers of the family. Yor brother, Oskar
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