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Letter to Oskar Speck to his sister Grete

Date: c 1935
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from John O'Donnell
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0535[001]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar from his sister grete Speck handwritten letter in german on "Grete Speck" Letterhead. Written on both sides, the letter discusses money sent to Oskar, family and friends' news, and about reports of Oskar's achievements.
    • ANMS0535 [001] Grete Speck Dear Oskar, I received your letter and it made me very happy, probably just as happy as it makes you to receive a letter from Germany. We keep all your letters – maybe you can make use of them one day. Frieda received your letter as well. My dear Oskar, as far as I know the boat will not arrive in July. Heinerle says that your boat skin has a long way to go yet and that I could still write to you since you would have to stay there for longer, and I’ll send the money for August to Ceylon. My dear Oskar, the money for June, July and August came from Mother. Heinerle and Father don’t need to know about that, since they don’t communicate with you at all. So please write a separate note to say that you received it and thank her for it. These two reply vouchers are from Mother as well. [back of the page, left hand side] Your suit will probably not happen then, either. Would it not be better to hire one, since you won’t be able to transport it in your boat anyway? Your trophies haven’t arrived yet, either- surely they have disappeared. My dear Oskar, on 17 July there was a long article about you in the “Hamburger Tageblatt”. The English Captain Robson wrote about meeting you in the Gulf of Cutch. At the end he says he is very sorry not to have met any of your relatives in Hamburg. Unfortunately we had no idea and he has now left Hamburg Harbour again. I hope you received the photos from Mr. Schmidt. I don’t know the gentleman, otherwise I would have gone to see him. …[illegible] Mr. Hagenbeck is very … [illegible] [on the right hand side of the page] … you will have to remain there for such a long time, you probably are very angry. And you still want to go on to Australia? You don’t give proper replies to my questions. Father is having the house painted, it will cost more than 500 marks. Mother is going to [illegible] with [illegible] for 3 weeks. She really needs it, too, since she worries about [illegible] a lot. She is dead set on getting married to a man who [illegible]. He is 23 years old, unemployed, he has not learnt any proper trade, and his last job was in a [illegible] ware shop. I am going on a trip to Scandinavia with “Kraft durch Freude” from 8 to 9 September. And otherwise we are all pretty well. I haven’t seen the Harkensee family for quite a long time. George and his wife are divorced, [illegible] is engaged. [illegible] [on the last page] … Max Günther….is always going to America, and in the papers there they are also reporting your arrival in one of the bigger ports. What else do you want to know? Well, my dear Oskar, don’t get too angry about the fact that things always turn out differently when one is forced to rely on others, as in your case. You can and you must count on that. Do write again soon, and include a photo if possible. With my best regards, Your sister ….[illegible] [a note scribbled in the margin with a different pen:] Did you receive the photo of us in the letter [illegible]?

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