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Letter to Oskar Speck from his friend Georg Puschel

Date: 28 May 1935
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from John O'Donnell
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0535[003]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from his friend Georg Puschel handwritten in German over two pages with writing on both sides. The letter comments on the positive reports of Oskar's trip being relayed in Germany. Also about Georg's new employment.
    • Dusseldorf-Unterrath Bölkestrasse 25 My dear Oskar, Thanks first of all for your kind letter from Karachi. I am sorry that your visit there did not turn out any better. I can relate to your mood. Maybe another chance will arise some time. You didn’t find a letter from me there either. I had not thought that you would get to Karachi so promptly. I didn’t trust my own eyes when I read the report of your arrival in the “Völkischer Beobachter”* newspaper on 19 December. I sent it off to you straight away with another pile of newspapers. I presume you will have received it in the meantime. Your arrival was reported in other papers as well, only not as extensively. Radio Munich reported it on 20 December. I didn’t hear it myself but I was alerted to it by three different sources, friends and acquaintances whom I had told about [illegible/damaged] journey. I was very proud of course; it gave me the opportunity to report in detail about various stages of your travels. That is good and helps me a lot. A few opportunities more like that and the ice will be broken. Then they will take notice. Even the “DKV”** has now decided to deal with your story – that can only be a good sign. I have really had enough of these old philistines. I like the term “globetrotter route”*** – delicious. Even if they don’t pay much – keep trying to place reports with them. It will help to overcome general inertia and to make you more widely known; people will take notice, and that’s the main thing. We have to reach a stage where this bunch virtually scramble to get their hands on your reports. I contacted the “Völkischer Beobachter” straight away and lodged your report with them. But I only received a card saying that they will come back to it at a later stage. Let’s hope for the best anyway – your day will come. [I was] quite astonished about your plans to go on straight to Bombay. That is a difficult journey, isn’t it? You’d have to cross two river deltas. I wish you the best of luck and I’m looking forward with impatience to your arrival in Bombay. You do have a lot ahead of you, my boy. Getting rid of the malaria would be a good start. Before I left Göppingen I gave the local “Faltboot”**** Club a little lecture on your journey as a farewell. They were enthralled. What’s more, I managed to collect some money. Two gentlemen donated 5 Marks each. It would be nice if you could send them a card. They’d be very pleased and it would bolster their sense of importance. Here are the addresses: 1) Otto Hang, Machine Works Göppingen 2) Mr Bauerle, sports teacher in Göppingen, main road My sister and I added a few bob to it. She sent it to you by post. Regulations have become really tight recently, due to the foreign currency reserve situation. One isn’t allowed to send any more than 10 Marks per month. It is even stamped into one’s passport. Please don’t take it the wrong way if you receive really little amounts. Since my situation has improved a fair bit I will make sure that you receive some more regularly. I’d like to avoid a situation like when you arrived in Karachi – ill and no money in your pocket. I have made a major change to my life. As of 1 March I have been working for Mannesmann in Dusseldorf. It is a management position, which is a great improvement. I am still a bit unaccustomed to my new position. It means long hours, starting early and going on till late. I’m living with my brother at the moment. He is planning to leave for Berlin sometime between April 15 and the beginning of May, so I will have to find a new flat soon. Please continue writing to this address, as the mail will be forwarded. If you are planning to write anything [for publication] use the style found in travel reports on countries and people. I wish you good luck in getting to Bombay. Bon voyage. Kindest regards from your friend Georg. Translator’s notes: * paper issued by the Nazi party ** presumably an association of German kayaking enthusiasts *** English term cited in German **** boat with a canvas skin, able to be fitted with a sail, from here on translated as “collapsible boat”, which is only an approximation.

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