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Letter to Oskar Speck from his brother Seppl

Date: 10 November 1932
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from John O'Donnell
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0535[004]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from his brother Seppl. Black ink typed letter, with small amount of handwritten notations, in German over one page, text on both sides. The letter is about parcels sent, financial and legal issues in Germany, and family matters.
    • Altona, 10 November 1932 Dear Oskar, I have received your last letter sent from Veles on 30 October. We have sent a few things to you in the meantime: 1) parcel containing: 1 blue jacket, 1 blue pair of pants, 1 pair of knickerbockers, 3 pairs of socks, 1 pair of gaiters 2) money order, 100 dinar I hope that these things arrive safely. On the 4thof this month I received the invoice from Pionier Werke* for 61 Marks and two days later an additional one for 7.50 Marks. I paid both bills straight away by telegraphic transfer so that there is no delay. The overall cost including telegraph fees is 72 Marks. I will pay 60 Marks of these to Dad and will get the tuxedo in exchange if you agree. I hope that you have received the boat even before this letter. I had sent a telegraph to Bad Tölz that they should send the boat off straight away on 5 November. Georg Jakobs, one of your customers, has paid 48 Marks and wants to settle the remaining 10 Marks with you directly. Ms Drews does not pay any more and he still owes approx. 100 Marks. “Mr” Sachs in Hamburg has written a rude letter to Dad, after I had sent him a reminder. He claims that there is a matter to be settled, namely a radio which you apparently received in return for the one you delivered. Furthermore, according to him the account was ceded to a Ms (cf. attachment) in the presence of two witnesses. He wants to know how much he actually owes and to whom. Could you please enlighten us on that one. I have conveyed your remarks in regard to Mr Weber to Dr Sternberg without delay. I went to see Mr Hassler as well who referred me back to his expert report. He informed me that Messrs. Diebener and Weber have business contact with each other. The decision was to be made by the court on the 8th of this month. Dr Sternberg’s application for leave had been rejected. Dr St. was convinced that the case was looking really hopeless and that we would lose it. During the case Dr St. managed to have it deferred for a couple of days and demanded that a statutory declaration be produced that Diebener and Weber are in fact in business with each other. I declared that I had been made aware that this was so. If Diebener had been able to give his expert opinion before the court we would have lost. Whether or not this action has had any effect, I can’t tell you yet, since Dr St has not had any news from the court yet (11 November). If we did actually manage to have Diebener recognised as being prejudiced, thus making his opinion worthless, then we might be lucky enough to get another expert to speak in your favour. In that case, we would have to insist on calling Mr Hassler as a witness as he was the one who actually saw the Exh [sic] in operation. If we lose the first round, ie. if our application is rejected, then there is no point in pursuing it further. It makes no sense, particularly with you being abroad and unable to testify. Additional costs will arise if we lose. Dad will have to pay Dr St’s account. Please write back ASAP to tell us your contact details at your next location in case we need a statutory declaration from you or something like that, assuming that leave is granted. As far as the above-mentioned Sachs is concerned, I am sending you the response sent by this good friend of yours to my very inoffensive and professional reminder. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. Hans Lindloff was at Hoppe’s last Sunday and asked about you. In particular, he asked for your address and wanted to write to you in Veles. Maybe you have received a letter from him already. I received a letter from “Pionier Werft” yesterday indicating that they have dispatched your boat.Please write back straight away once you have received the parcel, the 100 Dinar and the boat. We have had another round of elections last Sunday. I think it was the fifth this year. The result is nil. The Nazis lost a bit and the Communists gained a bit. I hope you received your passport. The rocks arrived on Sunday as well. I had them checked by an expert who thought they did have some [ore] content, but it was so little that it wouldn’t be worthwhile to exploit them. Last week, about the time we sent the parcel off, my nose had to be operated on again and I spent eight days convalescing. Everything is fine again now. Mum has recovered as well and Louise is slowly getting back to normal. She still has trouble moving her left arm. She is back at Ulzburg. I think I have covered everything now and hopefully not forgotten a thing. The letter has got to go tonight – you wouldn’t get it any more otherwise. I wish you good luck for your journey. Maybe you will strike it lucky somewhere and find work instead of deportation. Dad hasn’t got anything much to do at the moment and wants to visit you in summer, but you mustn’t move away too far for that to happen. Please write back about the things we've sent. It would be a great relief to hear that they have actually arrived and are of help to you. I hope my knickerbockers fit you. I sent them because they are used and we are only allowed to send used stuff. I’ll buy some new ones. Many regards from the family members and from the Lehmann family. Everybody is very keen to follow your “around the world trip”. One more comment: If you don’t manage to get into Turkey etc., try Russia – they are looking for tradespeople. Only in case of emergency, of course. Best wishes and bon voyage Your brother Seppl Translator’s note: * Company manufacturing Speck’s boat

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