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Letter to Oskar Speck from his sister Emmi

Date: 16 June 1933
Medium: ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from John O'Donnell
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0535[007]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from his sister Emmi handwritten in German over one page with text on both sides. Dated 16 june 1933, the letter talks about the family, the situation in Germany in realtion to Jews and employment.
    • Gollwitz, 16 June 1933 Dear Oskar, Thank you very much for your kind letter and the photographs. We had been getting pretty impatient about not hearing from you. You are a damn daredevil, paddling across the seas like that. Glad to hear that you are [this and following sentences partly illegible due to water damage and torn paper] and in good spirits. …. Is your curiosity still not satisfied? … is dangerous after all plus the uncertainty of what the next day will hold. You are courageous, and not just a little bit. I am really proud of you. Dear globetrotter, in three days time we will send you a letter from the island of Poel in the Baltic Sea. Mum and I are on holidays there. We’ll send 10 Reichsmarks. I’ve written a RM10 money order for Dad back home that will come through as well. When you reach your next destination please write again for money. Dad has stashed away another ten RM for you as far as I know. If that turns out not to be the case, you will get something anyway. Our money is for your cushion, please note that. I will buy it but Mum will give me the money for it until I get my first pay. Altona looks the same as [illegible] marches. My position is constantly under threat. I am always happy to have made it through another month without getting fired. This doesn’t apply to me alone of course; all municipal workers are in the same boat. Don’t believe what they are telling the world about heinous crimes, etc. There hasn’t been a single incident involving a Jew in Germany. Whoever is familiar with the Germans knows that it is a lie. We wouldn’t be able to do anything like that. We are being told not to take all our money to the big department stores, which are predominantly in the hands of the Jews. We should give our money to retail traders. I think that is a good idea. The family is well and everybody is healthy. Money is scarce of course. [illegible due to damage] Shame that we can’t send any parcels to you. How do you communicate with the locals? Spending a day or two among foreigners may be quite interesting, but all the time? No thank you. You have to talk to yourself a lot, I guess. I have got to finish now. It takes me an hour to get to the post office. I haven’t got any stamps. There is not a single shop in this town. I’d like to get there before they close. My dear Oskar, please stay healthy and keep your spirits up. I hope that they actually sell you something for the little money you are getting. Please write to us. [water damage, paper torn] Kindest regards Your sister Emmi The whole family sends heartfelt regards, Mum in particular. The pictures are really nice. I had a look in the atlas which way you travelled. Mum keeps saying that she is trying not to think about the sea and your little boat at the same time

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