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Letter to Oskar Speck from his brother Seppl and his parents

Date: 30 April 1935
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from John O'Donnell
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0535[012]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from his brother Seppl and his parents. Typed letter in German over one page with text on both sides. Dated 30 april 1935, the letter is signed by Seppl, father and mother and talks about the difficulty sending money to Oskar due to the restrictions of sending money out of Germany, suggests contacting consulates for financial assistance, questions the safety of heading all the way to Australia and about Oskar's health, and mentions negotiating with newspapers about reporting on Oskar's journey.
    • Altona, 30 April 1935 Dear Oscar, Thanks for your letter dated 15 March '35 from Ratnagiri. Firstly, I want to let you know that the trophies etc. haven’t arrived yet. You may be a bit surprised that it has taken such a long time for this letter to be sent. This is a result of my persistent endeavours to get permission to send you RM 30. Yet they still failed. The Hamburg Foreign Currency Reserve Commissioner, to whom I had applied personally in writing had to reject it after all. The post office does not accept any money to be sent overseas, not even RM 10, as had been the case up to a while ago. I can’t think of any way to get money to you, not even via an export business. There is one option left, but people have to bring their passport in and have it stamped. This way one can send RM 10 per month. We sent the amount for this month off to you on 22 April. We’ll send the same amount in May. There is no other solution at this point in time. One cannot predict how long this avenue will remain open. We just don’t have any foreign currency left in Germany, which means that we can’t export any, either. Unfortunately, that also means that you can’t rely on these transfers, however small. Maybe you can explore other options abroad, e.g. by applying to the relevant consulate for support and referring them to the family for reimbursement. Please enquire into this if you think it is an option. Don’t you think it is fairly risky to travel to Australia by boat? Everybody I have been speaking to who knows that area down there are convinced that you won’t come back if you attempt it. Wouldn’t it be better for you to finish up now and come back? Maybe you would be able to make money from your completed adventures to date by writing reports and articles. We don’t really understand why you can’t or don’t want to earn your money by working like everybody else. It remains a fact that we all have to get by on what we are earning, even if the times are such that we are not earning a fortune from our work. Well, that’s your own decision, but it would be such a great shame if you went on getting into ever greater difficulties and possibly go bust one day. Then you’d be left with nothing at all. During the past three years you must have had enough adventures to last a lifetime. And what about your health – your own reports indicate that it is not stable enough to be facing new hazards and pressures. As you might have heard from others, your arrivals at various locations have been reported here in some newspapers. Undeniably, some interest in your journey has been aroused. If you agree, I’d be quite happy to negotiate with a few larger papers and magazines in advance. I could find out if they are interested in paying for reports about your endeavour. (I am thinking in particular about the “Hamburger Fremdenblatt” publishing house which operates the “Hamburger Illustrierte” [magazine] and about the “Berliner Illustrierte”.) Please let me know what you think. Especially if you can support it with sufficient pictorial material. Even if I felt compelled to admonish you a bit, I still want to say that we are all immensely proud of your achievements. We all wish you all the best for your travels and the best of health. Please think about it all very carefully and let us know your decision. Many cordial regards Seppel Father Mother

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