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Letter to Oskar Speck from his friend Neuhaus, an aert dealer in Bali

Date: 18 October 1937
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Gift from John O'Donnell
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0535[021]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from his friend Neuhaus, an art dealer in Bali. Typed letter in German over one page with text on both sides. Dated 18 October 1937, the letter talks about people and events happening in Bali, and sends good wishes to Oskar for the last leg of his voyage.
    • Neuhaus Denpasar Bali Bali, 18 October 1937 Dear Mr Speck, We were very delighted to receive a message from you at last after we had heard so much gloomy news about you. We received your letter from Tambora Estate. However, we weren’t able to respond since you hadn’t supplied an address. We didn’t get any further news. We are really elated that you made it to Timor unharmed and we wish you from the depth of our hearts that you will manage the last leg of your journey in the same way. You will have reached that point already once this letter gets to you. I hope that you can put your Australian plans into practice as envisaged and don’t have to leave the country in a hurry. The chubby Mr Pattison keeps asking for you, ditto Mr Hein, who now works for an English company in Java. There is not much to report from here; things move along at a slow and predictable pace. At the moment everything is very quiet - unfortunately. People say that the Americans have stopped their trips due to the uncertainty regarding China and Japan. It appears that a major upheaval is going on in many places and many people are claiming that it will result in another world war. In my opinion this is such a mad idea that I prefer not to believe it. I think it’s all a newspaper beat-up. Rolf has been in Surabaya for quite some weeks now. He is planning to attend the wedding of [Mr] Fiand who is going to marry Ms Högner from Malang. Maybe you got to know her. How about your strains of malarias? Please do us a favour and have them cured properly, so as the illness does not have unexpected repercussions. It appears that your journey hasn’t been purely pleasurable. I admire your energy and tenacity in seeing it all through like that. As far as I am concerned, I recently started a small revolution by announcing that I was going back to Europe. When this will happen, I can’t tell yet. I do need some distance, a recollection of my five senses, debate with normal people and some fresh air. We thank you for your good wishes. The aquarium is doing well and the business is growing despite all the spanners being thrown into Rolf’s works by our competitors. The Europeans on Bali don’t like each other much. There are three dominating powers here now who care for their respective flocks and do a bit of proselytising on the side. Mr Spiess also sends his best wishes. He has been co-operating with Hans in some urgent work for the museum. They are expecting a whole conference of ethnologists on Java to come this week. Unfortunately, a visit to the aquarium is not on their agenda since they are dealing exclusively with dead things. They have no interest in the living. Mifi, our dog, has given up the ghost as much as one of the rhinoceros birds. We presume they were poisoned. The monkeys are healthy and in good spirits, ditto the [staff?]. There have been a lot of changes, though, precluding me from relaying all your good wishes in this regard. Unfortunately, a millionaire on a buying frenzy hasn’t shown up yet. The pile of drawings is increasing at an alarming rate. Should you ever stumble on art shops in Australia which might be interested in this sort of thing, would you kindly note their addresses. Anyway, we wish you all the best and send you the best regards [signature] Neuhaus

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