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Newspaper clipping in Dutch relating to Oskar Speck's attack in Lakor

Date: 1930s
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Newspaper clipping
Object No: ANMS0536[002]

User Terms

    • Canoeist Carl Speck The famous canoeist Carl Speck arrived on the last Java boat to get medical treatment for injuries he suffered in Lakor (Tanimbar Island). As already known, this was follow-up treatment; after the event, Mr Speck was sent to Java with the help of the Resident [Dutch Governor] of Ambon. He returned almost completely recovered. On 17 June he will depart for Kisar on the S.S. Valentine, to then travel on to Saumlaki (Tanimbar Island) on the Ambon line of K.P.M. [Royal Packet Service Company]. His new canoe awaits him there to travel the last part -approximately 300 kilometres - of his brave and adventurous undertaking. The accident had some effect on this young man's physique. He lost six kilos, but his strong body seems to have recovered completely. His morale is not any lower. Now the end goal is near, he must and will complete his journey. Still, says Mr Speck, the treacherous attack at night shocked him deeply. Can it be otherwise? The main details follow below since a lot of people obviously have not heard or read about this. Gn his arrival in Lakor in the daytime, Mr Speck was welcomed by the population of this ' kampong, [village]. Not suspecting anything - his revolver was unloaded -, he was attacked by many armed people at 4 o ' clock in the morning. He was tied down with a rope of untanned buffalo skin and was abused. They brushed a knife over his throat to threaten him, kicked him, hit him over the head with sticks (internal bleeding and a ruptured eardrum are the results, for which he is still being treated) and after they had beaten him within an inch of his life, they left him alone to consider what to do next. The day was already dawning and in the space of half an hour, he had gnawed the rope loose and freed himself. They only discovered this when he was already in the sea and with his canoe. And it was not the work, says Mr Speck, of cannibals, but of civilised, yes Christianised natives. After ten hours of paddling, he arrived on another island with bleeding and swollen hands, where the guru put on a temporary dressing. The next day he reached Saumlaki where he was treated by the Indian doctor. Soon a white boat arrived by accident, with the Resident and the European doctor and justice took its course. The offenders were arrested, but denied everything at irst: Mr Speck started the hostilities, he had attacked Undated Page 1 of32them. The rope of buffalo skin, collected as evidence, soon brought them to a confession. The case has now been tried, all offenders have been sentenced, the chief offender at first received five years, but after the " appeal " of the accused, it was changed into six years. Kupang will be honoured to hear more of the interesting adventures of Mr Speck. Last week he gave a speech for the " The Perseverance" association. Best of luck to the pleasant and energetic canoeist for the last part of his wonderful trip

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