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Letter from Oskar Spec to the German consul Gerneral, Batavia

Date: 30 December 1938
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Copyright: © Australian National Maritime Museum
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0536[032]

User Terms

    Letter from Oskar Spec to the German consul General, Batavia typed in German, dated 30 December 1938. The letter is about money problems and asking for assistance.
    • Oskar Speck Manokwari Currently: Manokwari 30 December 1938 Dutch New Guinea Copy To: German Consulate General Batavia As indicated in the two attached letters from the Scherl Verlag [Scherl Publishers! in Berlin, Rm 220.00 were transferred to Surabaya for me. However, as of 20 January, 1939[sic!] the money has yet to arrive. I am in need of the funds as there have been a number of unfortunate incidents and I had already had the money I normally receive each month from Germany diverted to Australia. I would, therefore, request that the Consulate General would be so kind as to contact the German Aid Association for the Dutch Indies on my behalf and ask for fl. 100.00 to be telegraphed to me in Manokwari. Mr. G. van Domselaar will reimburse you as soon as my money arrives in Surabaya. Mr. Van Domselaar is an officer in the public service; you are welcome to check his credentials and establish whether Mr. van Domselaar has agreed to send you the amount. I would expressly like to state that Mrs. van Domselaar delivered a letter I had written to the Ortsgruppenleiter [leader of the local Nazi party organisation in the 3rd Reich, usually the real local power above elected/appointed representatives] in Surabaya which I had sent from Tual in October. In that letter I had asked him to transfer fl.25.00 for me to the Gesachhebber [Dutch official] at Wonreli. Referring to this money [mentioned above] I promised immediate repayment. The Ortsgruppenleiter refused to act on my request, remarking that "he had already done more than enough for me and that had been ill received". Therefore, fl.25.00 of the fl. 100.00 will have to be sent to Gesachhebber at Wonreli. Although I was offered financial assistance on several occasions during my stay in Java, I always declined until I was most decently offered a fee for holding talks in the various German clubs. Therefore, I do not understand how the Ortsgruppenleiter in Surabaya can say a thing like that. The financial assistance I asked for was really very small, even ater that unfortunate incident on the island of Lakor (of which you are aware, i.e. when I had to return to Surabaya for the second time, and then, for the first time on my entire journey was in such a state of distress that I was forced to approach the German Aid Association for the Dutch Indies). As far as I know, my debt to the Aid Association amounts to fl.56.00. I was assured that the money paid out for the return voyage could/should be claimed back from the Dutch Indies government. My inquiries in this regard, to date, remain unanswered. I am totally surprised by the fact that the Ortsgruppenleiter's opinion of me has changed so much following my departure from Surabaya. He obviously prefers to call me a swindler than to help me. It is for this reason that I therefore address this letter to the Consulate General. I deny borrowing fl.25.00 from the Gesachhebber, because I was placed in that predicament by a series of coincidences. I needed the money for the pressing trip from Wonreli (Kisar) to Saumlaki in order to retrieve my belongings and my boat. I assume you know that I had to return to Kupang, Timor for treatment of the ear injury I sustained when I was attacked. The sum I borrowed was obviously not that large as I travelled 3rd class on the "Real". I do not intend to ask the Aid Association to repay that amount, as others have offered every assistance in the event that I should need it. The fl25.00 were not repaid promptly because a letter I sent had not been delivered. In the meantime, following my second letter in this matter (i.e. the letter from Tual), that article defaming me had appeared in the Dutch newspapers and had changed the situation into something different altogether. However, I was unaware of that article, which was the start c>f further disappointments, until I arrived in Manokwari on 22_ December. Although he has read the article, the B.B. officer from Wonreli apparently does not want to take any action against me. In his letter, posted to Manokwari on 3 December, he wrote and I quote: "Of course I,m not worried about the money. I am quite confident of getting it back!" I am writing this to you, just to let you know that I still want to be responsible for settling it, although admittedly, it could easily have had seriously negative consequences for me. I am sealing this letter and enclosing it in a letter to Mrs. van Domselaar, who lives in Surabaya. I asked her to send it as a registered letter to his [B.B. officer from Wonreli] address, in case Scherl's money transfer doesn't arrive on or before 20 January. If it does arrive by then, I have instructed her to send it, again as a registered letter, back to my address in Hollandia. I have also instructed her to contact the Consulate General once the money has arrived and send back fl. 100.00. I respectfully ask you to discuss this letter with the Landesgruppenleiter [leader of the state branch of the Nazi party] of the German National Socialist Worker's Party in Batavia. Again, I implore you to come to my aid, if not for my sake, then in order to maintain the good image of all German expatriates. German salutation, Heil Hitler Oskar Speck P.S. Would you please send back the two enclosed letters from Scherl. My address: Hollandia, Dutch New Guinea. Telegrams to: Speck, Manokwari If I do not receive any financial assistance I will be forced to sell my film and photo cameras in order to repay my debts
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