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Notification of the arrival of goods issued to Oskar Speck

Date: 1938
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Notice
Object No: ANMS0536[044]

User Terms

    • Notification of arrival of goods having to be settled in clearance. 00.00.38 Post and Telegraphy Office at [stamp:] Ternate, 1938 [Illegible number in handwiting] To Mr Oskar Speck in Manokwari 1. I inform you of the arival of a posted parcel-letter [box-package crossed out] from Hamburg Altona, [illegible number], declared value of fl -, settlement of fl -, a mailed article which falls under the clearance definition. 2. In this regard the article will irst of all be cleared by customs after the enclosed Form II has been completed in full and without reservations, and has been signed and returned to customs. 3. I therefore request for you to complete the form clearly and in full and to hand it to the head of your post and telegraphy office ater signing. They will organise its return to my office. 4. It is also necessary that you hand over a copy of the invoice signed by the sender or other document signed by the sender, mentioning the amount of his claim, the expiry date or the expiry dates and further payment conditions, or if no claim has arisen yet, the circumstances and conditions under which the delivery or dispatch of the goods took place. 1) 5. If the form and the copy of the invoice signed by the sender or the document replacing this 2), has not been received in my office within a term of [no entry] weeks 3) ater the date of this notification, the article will be considered undeliverable and be sent back to the mailing office. 6. The following is for your information: a. instead of debiting the Java Bank, the owed monies for Germany can be transferred directly by postal order to the intended recipients in Germany. Payments in clearance to countries other than Germany by postal order are invalid; h. as for settlement post items rom Germany, the amounts of settlement to be deposited at the post office, can be reduced by the amounts that have to be directly settled in clearance. If the settlement amount is lower than the value of the goods, the difference needs to be clariied on declaration II; in the case of the settlement amount being equal to the amount owed to the sender, then specific mention has to be made on declaration II. The previous only applies for settlement post items from Germany. [...] As for settlement amounts from countries other than Germany and the Netherlands, the total amount owed has to be settled in clearance. For the receipt of a clearance-settlement post item from eg. Singapore, the following is required: a. for the post office: upon receipt the settlement amount b. for the Dutch East Indies Agency of the Dutch Clearing House: the total amount owed; the settlement amount paid to the post office is therefore not reduced. If these requirements are not met, processing of the item is refused or the senders have to be invited to hand in a request to waive the settlement amount with the post ofice rom where the item was originally sent. Completion and signing of declaration II is necessary in all cases where the item will be received; a. Even if the goods are considered not to fall under the clearance deinition, the above formalities must be followed. 1) If the invoice copy signed by the sender or the document replacing this was enclosed with the item, part 4 has to be crossed out. 2) Cross out the words " and the invoice copy signed by the sender or the document replacing this" where applicable (see note 1). 3) Complete for each separate case; interested parties need sufficient time (at least 2 weeks) to return declaration II by mail. [BACK OF PAGE:] Even if there are no costs owed for the item, as far as you know, declaration II has to be completed and signed. This is also necessary in case the monies are or will be settled in the Netherlands with the Dutch Clearing House. Only if the sender in the Netherlands has a " General Authorisation" confirmed by the Dutch Clearing House, the settlement by the addressee can occur directly with the sender, subject to the provision of a reference to the number, date and name of the holder of the General Authorisation instead of declaration II. Page 31 of 32This can take place by using the model stated below: Or by stamping, typing or writing a similar formula on the invoice; d. Clarifications, necessary or desirable in your opinion, can be stated on a note attached to declaration II; e. Information - oral or in writing - can be requested from the Dutch East Indies Agency of the Dutch Clearing House at Batavia-C (Building Post Office Savings Bank) at all times. In exceptional cases, this agency can waive the obligation to provide the prescribed documents. If the exemption is not siven. it is necessarv to fullv and clearlv complete and sign declaration II. Office Manager [illegible signature] [In handwriting:] Pellicules [presumably film] Content of parcel: 10 rolls 360 meters value 100 RM. [BOTTOM SECTION:] Appendices: / A copy of the customs declaration and/or the invoice has been enclosed. These documents have to be returned with declaration II.

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