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Letter to Oskar Speck from Hilde Puschel

Date: 27 February 1935
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0537[002]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from Hilde Puschel typed in German. The letter consist of two pages typed on one side of page only, ink purple colour and dated 27 February 1935. The letter mentions Oskar’s travels, his friend George [author's brother] and his new employment. Mentions sending Oskar money and the fact they are only able to send 10 rm. Signed by hand at end of letter.
    • Heidenheim, 27 February 1935 Dear Oscar Speck, By the time this letter reaches you at Bombay, you will have completed another perilous part of your voyage. Please receive my most cordial greetings. I often think of you and what may be happening to you so many times. On Sunday, 24 February I visited my brother in Goeppingen and was able to read the letter you sent from Karachi to him. Thank you most kindly for your regards. I am secretly looking forward to a letter from you addressed to me, but with the situation as it was for you in Karachi, I can understand very well that you are not in a mood to write letters. George and I were quite convinced that you would have a good time in Karachi and now it was quite the reverse. When we read the British report about your arrival at Karachi in the newspaper ”Voelkischer Beobachter” newspaper a few days before Christmas, we were overjoyed. We felt certain that the British would look after you. Your arrival was even announced on the radio. There was a lot of talk about you in our family over Christmas. I hope with all my heart that your health has improved, that you have recovered from Malaria and that you will arrive happily in Bombay. I am following your journey in every detail on the map and my best wishes accompany you. Do not lose courage! If you are at Bombay waiting for the monsoon to pass, you might have the chance to think about your book. It should be written in the same simple and straight forward style as your letters. That way everyone will feel the truth about your great experience most deeply. [page 2] George has finally left the region of Wuerttemberg region for good. He starts his jobposition with the company Mannesmann company inat Duesseldorf on 1 March. His current address is 25 Boelckestr., Duesseldorf – Unterrath. I sincerely hope that my brother has found a position which will please and satisfy him. I for my part didn’t like him leaving at all and found the farewell very difficult But workthe job has to be thehave firsthighest priority. George gave me RM15.- to send to you since he had no time to send it to you himself. I shall send RM 10.- to you at Bombay, poste restante. on Monday, 25 Feb., and another RM 10.- will follow in the first few days of March. Because of the problems with foreign currency we are only allowed to send RM 10.- at a time. May thisit all find you well. Things are going proceeding according toin their usual routine fashion here in Germany, but constantly improving. Saarbruecken is returnings to the Reich on 1 March and big celebrations will be takinge place all over the country then. Adolf Hitler is keeping a firm hand on things. Fortunately, winter is behind us and spring is approaching. We take pleasure in every ray of sunshine and breathe it in joyfully. I’m sure you often think you are getting too much sunshine. I read about the great realm of India and found it all extremely interesting. Perhaps I shall hear about it from you as well. That would please me immensely. God bless you. Greetings from home and from me. Yours, Hilde Pueschel

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