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Letter to Oskar Speck from Hilde Puschel

Date: 9 December 1936
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0537[010]

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    Letter to Oskar Speck from Hilde Puschel typed in German. Dated 9 December 1936, the letter provides personal information about Hilde's family, her mother's death and her brother George’s wedding. She is amazed at how far he has travelled, would like him to return to Germany. She and George have been writing to German newspapers regarding his travels, hoping to gain publicity. States they are glad Pionier have sent another boat. Handwritten on verso of last page is a list of places in Indonesia. An envelope accompanying this letter has been given the same number. Stamp has been removed.
    • Heidenheim on the Brenz, 9 December 1936 My dear Oscar Speck, I received your letter from Singapore. It was a great pleasure to read and I thank you very much for it. Oh my dear Mr. Speck, I’ve thought of you so much, and in all my thoughts I had nothing but the best wishes for you! George and I have not forgotten you and won’t ever forget you in the future, since your mission is much too close to our hearts for that. But,. Mr. Speck, we doid have a lot of worriesconcerns. My mother has been very sick for 1 ¼ years. At firstFirst, she was still at home in Nuremberg/Zirndorf, and then from 1 April this year here in Heidenheim with my sister, who is married to someone here. During all that time we had constant emotional ups and downs. I devoted all my free time after work to my mother, ince my sister had to have some relief in caring for her. It was a tough time. On the evening of Sunday, 22 November I received your letter, after spending the whole day at my dear mother’s deathbed. She finally departed on Thursday, 26 November and the funeral was on Sunday, November 29, at 11 am. It did still take a lot of effort, even though we had been prepared for her death by her long sickness, and it took time for the big wound to heal, but the scar will remain. George came to the funeral, so I was able to give him your letter to read and talk to him about you. I also asked George to write to you without delay. He said he had already started writing a letter to you. My dear Mr. Speck, please believe me, with George there is nothing personal in the fact that he hasn’t written to you for so long. He regrets it, too, but there has beenwas tooso much happening in his life over the last 12 months as well. He has beenwas fighting very hard for his existence, as you well know, you know, and it’s still not quite over yet. Anyone wanting to thrive in a large company like Mannesmann has to know how to hold his own, especially if he wants to advance rather thaninstead of staying in the same position. So George didn’t have an easy time of it either. He has to work very hard and there is always a fair amount of trouble, as you can imagine. Every Sunday he is in the office until lunchtime. George’s wedding was on 6 July, absolutely gorgeous, at the delightful town of Rothenburg ob deron the Tauber. We spoke about you on that day, too. Please believe me that it isn’t his dear wife’s fault that he hasn’t written to you for so long. On the day of my dear mother’s funeral he told me that he is so happy, that nohe doesn't even notice the existence of other womean exists for him. That’s so nice. And I’m really glad about it, too, even though I am completely on my own now. I’ve given up everything now, and that was an awful lot in one year. But now to you. We are very glad that you’ve reached Java. What a difficult time you’ve had of it again! When I'm reading your letters I always have anthe atlas aton hand in order to follow your exact route exactly. Sometimes I can’t believe you’ve covered those distances in your little boat. What an incredible achievement! Many thanks also for the delightful photographs. How happy we are about everything you send us! Anything in English is being translated as soon as possible. By the way, George sent a longlarge report about you to the national head of sports at Tschammer & Osten’s in Berlin recently. I shall write to the “Voelkischer Beobachter” myself to say that I received news from you aboutof your arrival inat Batavia and that you’re planning to continue your journey to Australia. And more - If the national head of sports doesn’t react to George’s report, George will be more insistent. I’m sure George will tell you all about this himself, though. Please believe me, your achievement will one day be fully appreciated even here in Germany. I’m sure you know that it takes a lot more for someone to reach the top in this country than in other places. But let us not lose heart. If you reach Australia, you will definitely be the canoeing champion of the sport of canoeing overseas. No-one can take that away from you and eventually it will even be acknowledged accordingly even in Germany eventually. By the way, George is planning to contact a shipping line to bring you back home from Australia. Oh, how I wish you were back here already, then I wouldn’t have to worry about you any more. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you. It’ll be Christmas soon and I hope this letter will have reached you by then. Please take it as you find it, it does come from the heart, even if my health isn’t as good as it could be. The doctor tells me I shouldn’t be working at all yet and so I will manage as well as I can until my health improves. I shall spend Christmas and New Year with a friend who is married and living in the town of Traunstein in Upper Bavaria. I’m sure the mountain air will be good for me. And you are in Batavia. Such a long flight for our thoughts! Oh, how I envy you for seeing so much of the world. Do enjoy those beautiful Java oranges and make sure you have plenty of them! Perhaps you could send me a short note about where to send my next letter when you leave Batavia. I wish you a very Merry Christmas with all my heart and hope that your thoughts will be with us here in Germany. We shall be thinking of you and won’t ever forget you. God be with you and best regards Yours Hilde Pueschel We are so glad that Pionier has sent you another boat. It’the least they could have done! [On the back of the second page of this letter there is a hand written list of places and the writer seems to have been interrupted] Bali Lombok Soembawa Kimodo Flores Adoenark Jomblen Partan Alor Port Timor Moa Lakor Sermata Babor Jamdena Kai Islands Adi…. [Envelope attached, postage stamp removed, but stamped at Heidenheim on 10 December 1936, addressed to Oscar Speck, at Batavia, Dutch India, poste restante via Air Mail, sender identified as Hilde Pueschel, Kochstr.6 Heidenheim on the Brenz, Germany]

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