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Letter to Oskar Speck from Hilde Puschel

Date: 10 February 1937
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0537[011]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from Hilde Pusche typed German on both sides of page. Dated 10 February 1937, the letter hopes Oskar obtains a movie camera, mentions films and cinemas are much improved in Germany and Oskar should consider making some documentary films. Also mentions article has been published in a berlin magazine and local newspaper about Oskar.
    • Heidenheim on the Brenz, 10 February 1937 How nice of you to send me another sign of life so soon. And thank you very much for your letter, including the great photo. I was so pleased about all the news from you, especially the fact that you are quite well again. May youit stay like that until the end of your journey! Receiving these notes from you gives us a great deal of comfort. You have no idea how much we think about you and how many good wishes travel with you across the ocean. Receiving your letter last Sunday, I got the atlas out straight away in order to try and retrace your route. I hope that George will let me know your exact itinerary. I do hope that your great desirewish toof finding a movie camera will be fulfilled. I had better write to George straight away to see if he can’t do something for you at Agfa. It would be great if you could record the last leg of your journey on film. If you’re lucky with this film, you will be surely to make money with it in Germany. You should make it a documentary, since there is an enormous interest foramong those here in Germany at the moment. Movies have really improved a lot here in Germany recently. Before, I never wentdidn’t use to go to the cinema much at all before, and now it’s the opposite. There are fabulous filmsmovies shown in all areasabout everything. Documentaries are usually screened ahead of the feature filmsmovies. There have been some absolutely wonderful things shown both about Germany and also about other countries. I shall keep cross my fingers crossed for you;, firstly, of all that you’ll get a camamera and secondly that the film will turns out well. My dear Mr. Speck, it’s easy to envy you your freedom and I can understand very well that you wouldn’t want to give it up. This is how one can really live one’s life, which is never possible if one has to bow to all sorts of pressures all the time. And the yearning for all the beautiful things in the world! It exists in many people, I believe, but only few have the privilege to actually experience them as much as you do. I hope that fate will continue to grant you that privilege. And what is this city of Batavia really like? Modern and active? And what about all those islands? What are the people like? My little nephew, when he heard that you were on Java, said, so then Mr. Speck will be eating lots of oranges, won’t he? They are particularly valued here, you know, hence little Peter’s reaction. I also wanted to mention that cinema owners in Germany make an awful lot of money and that many new cinemas have opened, particularly in smaller cities. Someone from a family we are friends with opened a cinema in a small town a year ago and he now earns a fabulous amount of money. That same friend spent 25 years in South America, by the way, and had to return to Germany for health reasons. We were overjoyed a few weeks ago to read an article about you published in a Berlin magazine. I’m sure someone will have already have already sent you the magazine, but I’ll attach the pictures to this letter anyway. George had sent the pictures to the head sports person with Tschammer & Osten. We don’t know how they found their way from there to the Berlin magazine. But at least we’ve made it this far, anyway. There was even a report about you in the local paper here inat Heidenheim two weeks after that. I sent it off to George straight away and I’m sure he will send it on to you. The local paper had taken the article from a newspaper fromin Ulm and they were practiscing their patriotism by writing about: ”The canoeist from Ulm - Oscar Speck” . I rang them up to correct them on that straight away. I do feel a bit better now. I still feel the pressure of my recent experiences, but time will heal those wounds. Sending you best wishes all the way across the ocean, Yours, Hilde Puschel

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