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Letter from Hans Kuenzler to Oskar Speck

Date: 24 August 1937
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0537[014]

User Terms

    Letter from Hans Kuenzler to Oskar Speck typed in German, on Nestle and Anglo-Swiss Milk Products Ltd.’s letterhead. Dated 24 august 1937, the letter mentions he too has had a case of malaria, he is sending Oskar a box of milkmaid, and there was a local article printed saying he, Oskar, had been eaten up.
    • [Letterhead of the “Nestle and Anglo-Swiss Milk Products Ltd.” At SoerabaiaSurabaya, 24 August 1937 Dear Mr. Speck, Thank you very much for your letter dated 17th of last month from Dili. Unfortunately, it took a while to reach me because I was travelling a lot. Please excuse me for not writing earlier. In response to your request, I have arranged for a box of Milkmaid to be sent on this boat through to Tepa. It leaves from here on the XXs/s [presumably: steam ship] Pahoud. At Makassar it will be transferred to the XXs/s Baud, which leaves there on 7 September and will reach Tepa on 13th. As a precaution, we also sent a letter to the captain of the last ship asking him to deliver the box to you and I hope that those milk maids will be faithful companions to you on your journey. Mr. Hoogerwerf has been on holidays in Europe since early July and I’m playing the factotum in the meantime. The remarkshints about your malaria in my last letter have promptly backfired promptly. I spent almost three weeks in hospital with Malaria Tropical last month and had to suffer no less than 20 quinine injections. The only advantage I had from that exercise was that I lost 6 kilos and that was a really healthy thing in view of my former weight. So I, too, have lain with Miss Malaria in up to 40 degrees, and then she left me disdainfully. I’ll have to find myself some other girls who won’t form too much of an attachment, so that my bachelorhood won’t suffer! I believe you when you say that the islands in the Far East are very interesting and I hope that the movie camera will serve you well to capturehold all on to the many beauties there. Don’t get me wrong, I really mean the beauties of nature, who don’t run away when you try to grab them! Please let us hear from you again soon, for I am really interested in the continuation of your ongoing journey. By the way, the local press here reported that you had been allas eaten all up about a month ago. The things people claim pretend to know! Best regards and best wishes for the rest of your journey, Yours Hans Kuenzler

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