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Letter to Oskar Speck from Gunter Mueller

Date: 12 December 1937
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0537[016]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from Gunter Mueller typed in German with writing on both sides. Dated 12 December 1937, the letter mentions the author has been following his travels, alarmed by some of the reports, comments he should not continue unless his health is good, mentions changes taken place at the consulate.
    • Batavia-C, Mampangweg 77, 12 December 1937 Almost a year has gone by since we had you here last Christmas for the nativity Christmas cCelebrations. All sorts of newspaper articles, alarming at first, but later more reassuring, have allowed us to follow your life’s itinerary over the last few days. I was unable to respond to your letter fromdated in April assince it reached us just as we were leaving for a very adventurous journey to Sumatra and Nias which took 2 ½ months. I did try to arrange to have some 100 m films sent to you viathrough Mr.Witte, who is in Germany now, and also some other German acquaintances. Did that actually happen? - - You did have a difficult year, didn’t you!? You poor chap! So much sickness and then finally this terrible attack in our beautiful Indonesia, so full of “rust en orde” [sic, presumably Dutch]. I hope you’ll be able to continue your journey now after all, without taking on more than you can handle. I am inclined to say to you – but I don’t want to weaken your resolve – stop now and be grateful to have achieved all this success so far. Don’t overtax your physical strength for reasons of pursuing records or sporting bravery, assince naturally it isyou are no longer as strong and resilient as in the beginning after all those long years. Nobody, least of all yourself, will be well served if you end up with some psychological defect or poordamaged health at the end of your journey. I am allowed to tell you thisat, aren’t I? To be honest, I do expect you to have enough common sense and detachment not to risk your health in achieving your goal under any circumstances. – So now you are heading back to Alor or to another one of these godforsaken islands and then the last run as far as Australia! I hope you’ll make it! There is not much news from us here in Batavia. We’ve had a new Consul General in the meantime. Our friend Witte is no longer with us and there are a few other changes of personnel in our German circle. There is a lot of coming and going. My wife and I are well. Our trip to Sumatra and Nias was great but professionally exhausting. Apart from that we sweat, as is normal in the tropics. A last Christmas and New Year’s wish from my wife and myselfe Yours Gunter Mueller Krueger

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