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Letter to Oskar Speck from F Dimpker

Date: 14 May 1938
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0537[021]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from F Dimpker typed in German with writing on one side only. Dated 14 May 1938, the letter has two sections, and the bottom dated 30 July 1938. The letter is about customs excise and Oskar not having to pay it. The postscript at bottom, provides details that Oskar must follow so that Dimpker can be reimbursed for the customs duties already paid.
    • F. Dimpker Surabaya, 14 May 1938 Dear Speck, I’m writing you another letter since K.P.M. wanted to load the boat as per the bill of lading, and I so I have to send you that bill of lading in a letter. At the last minute K.P.M. started to worry whether you’d be able to pay the customs fee. We managed to put their minds at ease by saying that the local customs official had promised us that you would be handed the folding boat at Saumlaki free of charge, since you will be taking it out of the country. If the customs official there isn’t prepared to risk granting you the exemption on his own, just ask for the helpsupport of the local government official (Civiel Gezaghebber), with whose help you’re sure to manage. Best of luck again, and best regards, yYours [Signature] Postscript dated 30 July 1938: In the meantime your letter from Kisar to Miss Retemeyer has arrived. We paid the customs fee to K.P.M. here so that you can receive the boat at Saumlaki free of charge. In order Tto be reimbursed for the customs fee, we asked about it inturned to Ambon and requestask that you to do the following (see the explanation attached): 1) Have the Civiel Gezaghebber give you a certificateion stating that you are not going to useing the boat in Dutch India but are taking it across to Australia. 2) Give this certificateion to the Mantri Douane at Saumlaki. 3) Make sure that this certificatetion, together with the ”Lijst van Goederen” (customs documents), gets sent to the customs office inat Ambon. Ask the customs office at Ambon to reimburse the N.V. Behn, Meyer & Co. Handel-Maatschappij at Soerabaja with for the customs fee (f 45.68). Also, Mmany thanks also for your letter from Tepa. All your mail to Saumlaki was sent back here. You must not have not told them that you would be returning there. The telegraphic transfer (f27.0) as well was also claimed said to be undeliverable. We arranged per telegram to have the transfer kept there until your arrival at Saumlaki. We hope everything will works out with the mail from now on. Best regards again, Yours [Signature] Attached a copy of the letter from K.P.M.

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