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Letter to Oskar Speck from FV Domselaar

Date: 30 May 1938
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0537[022]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from FV Domselaar handwritten in German, with typed section in Dutch from Mr Domselaar [author's husband]. The paper is purple with writing on both sides and dated 30 May 1938. The letter talks about letters received and sent, anticipation of a parcel, and time they all spent together.
    • SoerabaiaSurabaya, 30 May 1938 [partly in Dutch] Dear Mr. Speck, Many thanks for your letter dated 28 May 1938. We can vividly imagineng your disappointment regardingabout your ear. But you were the lucky thing for you was that there was someone to provide help, instead of wasting timehaving to wait. But now something else. We are very flattered that you were thinking of us despite all those adversities and sent a parcel to your friends. But we don’t want you to think that you arehave any obligedations towards us at all. We enjoyed the company and the conviviality very much and never felt we had a visitor. We just felt sad when you left because the time had gone so quickly. I am looking forward to the parcel as much as Gerry, but I don’t like the thought ofthat you havingd to go without because of it. I shall find out when the “Valentyn” arrives and make sure I’llto be there when it does. It’s not so much the content of the parcel we are looking forward to, but rather hearing news about you from people you have spent time with recently. We received your letter from the Valentyn last month. I sent acknowledgement of that to Saumlaki and Gerry wrote to you and sent photos. But now you’ll have to be patient for a little longer until you receive these letters. Bergner sent you a letter to Saumlaki, but he never said anything about whether he received one from you, even though he comes here quite often. I shall talk to the people concerned about the stamps and the other matters, but since you said this letter musthas to be sent today, I shall do it in the next few days. I am leaving Tthe financial matter I leave up to my husband, who will send this letter on straight away. These lines are being written in great haste, as time is short and we don’t want to disappoint you by having the plane arrive at KoepangKupang with nothing for you on board. There will be a few mistakes but that’s because I hardly write any letters in German any more and one forgets, but it’s nonetheless cordial.l Gerry is at school at the moment, but as soon as I have an address for you she’ll send you another letter. My dear Mr. Speck, the rest of this page is for my husband to write to you. Best regards, good luck and may we hear from you often. Yours F. V. Domsellaar [The rest of the page is filled with typewriting in Dutch and signed by Mr. Domselaar]

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