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Letter to Oskar Speck from F Dimpker

Date: 15 November 1938
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0537[026]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from F Dimpker typed in German on F Dimpker’s letterhead paper with text on one side only. Dated 15 November 1938, the letter states the mineral samples Oskar sent were worthless, questions what he said on board the K.P.M [royal Dutch line] which a defamatory article was written about him saying he criticised the government of the country he was visiting and made poor remarks about the doctor.
    • F. Dimpker, SoerabaiaSurabaya, 15 November 1938 Dear Mr. Speck, First let me thank you for your kind letters dated 15 May, 7 July and 8 October. I couldn’t write back any earlier since I didn’t know where to reach you. I hope you’ve reached the New Guinea coast by now and have been able to continue your trip along the coast. The sum of f 27.- , taken from the postal orders from Thursday Island (RM 40.-), were returned to us from Saumlaki assince it had been left unclaimed for too long. In response to your request per telegram we sent it to you at Toeal. As far as the customs fee on the folding boat is concerned, I have sent a letter to you from the Consulate and I hope we’ll now be reimbursed for it. As far as the mineral sample from Portuguese Timor is concerned, I had it analysed by the government laboratory at Bandung. Please find attached the original of their report. When you were firing off all those telegrams at me when I was in my office and I had the letter from Bandung at home, I wrote “limestone” from memory, when it should have been “lime silicate”. In any case, there were no metals in those samples, despiteas what you had assumed (and you were so sure that it contained “high grade” tin!). I find it rather inscrutable that you are now trying to defend yourself by claiming that garnet is alsowas quite valuable as well. In the event ofthe case of any mineral deposits, factors such aslike transport expenses, size of the deposit, purity etc. have to be taken into consideration, and with your lack of expert knowledge, there is no way you can adequately assess such things. What on earth did you tell your fellow passenger on the K.P.M. on the way from Kisar to Saumlaki about “black police physicians”? There was a lengthy and - by rights – highly indignant article here in the newspaper about it. Did you think about what Dr. Engelen, who helped you so unselfishly, might have felt when he read your disapproving statements about the “black police physician”? And to make disparaging comments about the government of a country in which one is a visitor is – to put it mildly – very undiplomatic. Well, I had to tell you about this. Mrs. Goehtz, nee Retemeyer, would like me to thank you for your letter to her and sends you her good wishes for the rest of your journey. The same from me and best regards Yours [Signature]

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