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Price list from Pionier Faltbootwerft

Date: 1930s ?
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: List
Object No: ANMS0538[005]

User Terms

    • List of Price Lists No 25 (This list replaces supersedes all its predecessorsprevious lists) I. Boats Pionier – Twin model 520z, w/out accessorieson its own DM 445.- Standard accessories include: 1 Rucksack DM 16.50 1 Rod Bbag for rods “ 18.- 1 Spade bag Bag for spade “ 15.50 2 Paddles “ 31.- 1 Twin spray-cover “ 48.- Hence,So: Pionier – Twin model 520z, with accessories Pionier – Single model 450s, w/out accessorieson its own DM 395.- Standard accessories include: 1 Rucksack DM 16.50 1 Rod Bbag for rods “ 18.- 1 Paddle “ 15.50 1 Standard spray-cover or 1 Special Wwhitewater special spray-coverr with apron “ 24.- Hence, Pionier – Single model 450s, w. accessories all included DM 469.- Pionier – Dinghy model 350d, w/out accessorieson its own DM 745.- Standard accessories include: 1 Bag for ribs and skinsxx “ 24.- 1 Rod bBag for rods “ 24.- Hence, Pionier – Dinghy model 350d, with accessoriesall included DM 793.- Additional options: 2 oars with rowlocks @ “ 20.25 ea. 2 Paddles @ “ 24.- ea. Cushion for the “Duchten” @ “ 8.- ea. [unknown term] Dinghy – Sailing gear Off-shore rigging: (leech runs in track ) 5.5 sqm sailing surface, including lines and wire stays and detachablepartable mast DM 112.- Leeboard unit (in steel) incl. 2 pivoted leeboards DM 32.- Tiller with fin made of light metal DM 29.- Total: Hence, Dinghy – Sailing gear, all included DM 173.- Please ask us about outboard motors ! II. Boat accessories Boat hook, brass , ball-pointed DM 6.50 Boat lantern for oil DM 3.90 Boat’s line with shackle DM 2.40 Mattress for boat and tent 80x40, kapok filling DM 16.80 Boat bag, canvas DM 2.80 Twin-paddle xx DM 15.50 Flagstick, rigid DM 1.50 “ , flexible DM 2.50 Photo bag, rubber 30x18cm DM 9.00 Clothes bag, material gummed on 1 side size 1 80x40cm DM 8.50 size 2 65x33cm DM 6.20 size 3 55x28cm DM 4.80 Bag for paddles DM 13.90 Rucksack DM 16.50 Back cushion, canvas DM 3.- Bag for rods DM 18.- Bag for frames DM 8.50 Seat cushion, canvas DM 4.50 Inflatable seat cushion 30x40, rubber DM 6.50 “ “ “ “ , cloth-coated DM 7.40 Bag for pointedy itemsxx, rubber, inflatable DM 4.10 Storage compartment for the sides, canvas incl. zZipper DM 9.50 Drip rings for the paddles, per pair DM 0.50 Water bucket, made of canvas DM 3.20 Water bucket, made of canvas DM 3.20 Shipyard pennant DM 2.50 III. Sails for collapsible boats Jib sail, 1.1 sqm DM 11.- Main sail, 3.3 sqm DM 65.- Drift sail, 1.6 sqm DM 32.- Leeboard bridge made of tubular steel incl. 2 pivoted leeboards DM 26.- Peddle steering, all included DM 34.- Hence, sailing gear, all included DM 168.- I. Boat trailers Pionier trailer model “P” DM 21.- Pionier trailer “Herkules” made from tubular steel, wheels with ball-bearings and inflatable tyres DM 37.- II. Articles for Maintenance Wax for collapsible boats in silver or transparent, per tin DM 2.50 Stripes for keel, silver, per m DM 0.90 Stripes for keel, silver, incl. labour per m DM 1.30 III. Pionier tents All tents are delivered complete with rods, pegs and storage bags. Pionier Bivouac tent, the small and light sleeping tent DM 96.- Pionier “Isar” house tent, “Isar”, the light sleeping tent for the paddlerr DM 124.- Pionier “Donau” house tent, “Donau”, the paddler’s tent for sleeping and living in DM 168.- Pionier Family-Size Tent, the weekend tent for the whole family DM 196.- Pionier “Iglu” tent, “Iglu”, the new tent for the experienced camper DM 254.- Pionier Tent Cover, 3m long (providing approx. 1m protected space in front of tent) incl. pole for tent cover, 2 auxiliary piecesbits for the tent poles, 8 lines and 8 pegs For Pionier “Isar” house tent “Isar” DM 85.- For Pionier “Donau” house tent “Donau” DM 98.- For Pionier Family-Size Tent DM 112.- Tent accessories Wetzel gGuaranteed aAir-mattress, 200x73cm DM 45.- Pionier “Mummy” sSleeping -bBag “Mummy”, wedge-style incl. hHead -rest in 1A quality, down-filled DM 69.- in 1B quality, raw silk-filled DM 38.50 Pionier bBlanket sSleeping- bBag, can also be used as blanket in 2A quality, down-filled DM 119.- in 2B quality, raw silk-filled DM 64.- Pionier Camping Furniture Camping -chair DM 5.50 Camping -table DM 9.50 Bag (canvas) for furniture DM 6.80 Complete camping -furniture set consisting of : 1 table, 2 chairs and bag DM 27.30 Camping-stool, very small, weighs only 500gr, especially for the paddler DM 3.90 Terms and conditions of delivery and payment… …are necessary, in order to provide a service that is just and of consistently high quality for each customer. However, thesey do not formconstitute a basis for us to indulge in permanent litigation. Our money is far too important for that. Besides, how could a law -suit eventuate, when we do all we can to satisfy your wishes and you fulfil your obligations on time. Prices: are factory prices, subject to alteration; payment in cash without any discount. Valid upon our confirmation only and not binding for repeat orders. Right of Return: If you are not happy with an article we will take it back within 3 days of its receipt, as long as it has neither been used nor damaged. The amount paid will be refunded minus our minor expenses for dispatch The delivery period merely indicates the expected day of dispatch with which we try to comply with. Delay does not constitute groundsprovides no reason for the client to withdraw terminatefrom the contract, to purchase a replacement nor bedoes it entitled to compensation. Delivery and Dispatch: We reserve the right to make the appropriate Delivery and Dispatch are subject to our decisionschoice regarding delivery and dispatch (either as freight or by mail). The client shall assume all risks and occur at the risk of the client. The client shall bears the costs for express delivery. In order to reduceavoid ineffective paperwork, the cost of all repairs , parts and orders with a value of no more than DM10.- or less shallare always to be settledpaid for by COD. Orders are irrevocable for both parties once confirmed by us in writing. Acts of God release absolve us from duty of delivery. Orders by minors must also be signed by their legal representative or principal guardianmajor sponsor. Complaints will be accepted until 8 days after receipt of the goods. Upon our request, the relevant itemobjects are to be sent to us free of charge. Repair or replacement, both free of charge, are at our discretion in the event ofcases a justifiedwhere the complaint is justified. The client has no other entitlement to compensation. The client may not deduct, or hold back payments until the complaint has been resolved. TerminationRescission of the contract: A Ddelay ofin payment constitutes grounds for allows us to annulterminate the contract or postpone its fulfillment. This also applies, irrespective of confirmation of the contract, if we deem athe clients unlikely to be able to make full paymentcapability to pay to be doubtful. In such cases we are not liable forto any claims forto compensation. In any event Bad Tölz is, in any case, the location for fulfillment of contract and court of jurisdiction. No other terms apply unless we have explicitly accepted them in writing. Verbal agreements require our written confirmation in order to become valid

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