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Letter to Oskar Speck from Gerhard Garn

Date: 9 March 1937
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0538[008]

User Terms

    Letter to Oskar Speck from Gerhard Garn typed in German on Gerhard Garn / IG Farbenindustrie A.G's letterhead. Dated 9 march 1937, the letter is about the supply of camera and film, lists costings, and details deliveries. There are some pencil notations on both pages and ink notations on verso of the second page.
    • Gerhard Garn Batavia I.G. Farbenindustrie A.G. 9 March 1937 Plant Agfa Berlin Branch Office: Geo. Wehry & Co. Batavia To: Mr. Oskar Speck Currently in: Surabaya Dear Mr. Speck, I received your letter dated 3th cr [sic]and am happy to hear that you have accepted Agfa’s offer. I immediately prepared for the camera, the lens and filter and 10 x 30m reels of Pan reversal film, to be sent from Penang to Geo. Wehry & Co in Surabaya. According to the calculation below, you are now required to pay fl. 232.01, which means we owe you fl. 11.41. Geo will refund this amount to you in cash. Wehry & Co. on delivery of the items. Geo. Wehry & Co. have also been informed in this regard. However, I suggest that, you should nonetheless take up contact with Mr. Hoornsveld atof the firm Wehry. 1 Movex 30 F:1.5 fl. 367.- 1 Filter for 1.5/20 lens fl. 4.80 fl. 371.80 - 40% fl. 148.72 fl. 223.08 5 x 30m 16mm Pan film @ fl. 15.- = 75.- - 32.5% 24.38 fl. 50.62 fl. 273.70 - duty on Movex and filter (25% of 143.80) 35.95 - duty on films (25% of 22.96) 5.74 fl. 41.69 fl. 232.01 Already paid for: fl. 243.42 Refund: fl. 11.41 However, I do have strong doubts, whether we will be able to develop the films here on Java. To send the films from Merauke they would need to import them into Dutch customs territory. The only way to do this without having to pay duty would be by presenting a certificate from the customs at Surabaya, stating that duty had already been paid in Surabaya. Recently, I experienced the same thing on a trip to Makassar. I was unable to take my photo material on land, because I had forgotten to ask for a certificate from customs at Surabaya. Based on this you probably won’t be able to develop the films before you arrive in Australia. The address I gavenamed in my letter dated has changed to: Dychem Trading Co. Pty Ltd 573-585 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne C.1 As you will be underway for several weeks, I strongly advise you to keep the films as cool as possible, in order to avoid any effects of the hot climate. Instructions for use are included in each film. To determine the correct exposure time for the Pan reversal film takes a sensitivity of 22° Sch.[sic] It won’t be necessary to send an attachment as the camera includes a screw for fastening the tripod. I hope I have explained everything and wish you good luck. So, assuming that you will already have left Semarang in the meantime, I shall address this letter to the German consulate in Surabaya. I hope you arrive in Surabaya safe and sound. Hail Hitler German salutations[1]xx Signature [1] Editor's note: During the Nazi period it was customary/obligatory to employ greetings and salutations using "deutsch ..." (i.e. "German") to indicate political solidarity with the regime

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