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Letter from Gerhard Garn to Oskar Speck

Date: 9 April 1937
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0538[011]

User Terms

    Letter from Gerhard Garn to Oskar Speck typed in German on Gerhard Garn / IG Farbenindustrie AG's letterhead. Dated 9 April 1937, the letter is about a fault with a camera, where to send it with the lens which has spots, and the cost for more film being sent.
    • Gerhard Garn Batavia I.G. Farbenindustrie A.G. 9 April 1937 Plant Agfa Berlin Branch Office: Geo. Wehry & Co. Batavia To: Mr. Oskar Speck Currently at: Bima/Soembawa Dear Mr. Speck, I received your letter dated and am sad to hear you had difficulties with the camera. However, I am not completelyquite certain that the fault lies with the camera. I could imagine that you and Mr. Lindequist might not have loaded the film properly into the camera properly. I would only be able to make a final assessment once I had a looked at the camera myself. In order to do this, please send the camera as soon as possible to the firm Geo. Wehry & Co., Section Agfa, Batavia – not to my address. If the should be a fault with the camera should contain a fault, then we would most probably be able to rectify it here in Batavia. We currently do not have any other cameras in stock. The next delivery is on the “Poelau Bras” which had engine troubles on its way to India and will therefore arrive in mid-May, 6 to 8 weeks late in mid May. So, please send the camera as soon as possible to Batavia and, with reference to this letter, instruct Wehry until when and where you want the camera sent by when. The spots on the telephoto lens have presumably been caused by the tropical effectsenvironment and probably already existed when you received the lens. These spots can easily be removed. However, as the lens has to be taken apart for this, it has to be done by a photographic technician mechanic. Accordingly, it will be best if you send the telephoto lens together with the camera to Wehry. We won’t be able to tell, whether the spots have had any effect on the film, until the film has been developed. I assume you have sent the completedexposed films to Bandung and will ask for a report on them from there. As requested, we have arranged for Wehry to send you five 30m reels of Novopan film, which you must pay for in Karachi. Due to foreign exchange regulations we are not allowed to deliver goods that have been paidn for in Germany. I take it you have already directed Karachi to settlefoot the bill, which will amount to approximately fl. 65.-. Due to the circumstances, it is obviously is no longer possible to import filming material from Singapore. I will ask the Agfa Foto Service inat Bandung to inform me regardingabout the exposure of your first films, and will get back to you on that some time later. Admittedly, the eExposure tTable states that Novopan films require twothe next smaller aperture F-stopsbut one below that required for in comparison with Panfilms. However, this recommendation applies only for non-tropical countries. I advise you, Wwhen taking Novopan films, I advise you to select only only one F-stop lower.the next smaller aperture. I would like to add that we will be sending the camera (which possibly might possibly require repairsing) back via the Dutch -Indiesan territory, becauseas you would otherwise – e.g. via Portuguese Timor - you would have to pay an import duty. Regards, Signature

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