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Pionier Faltbootwerft advertisiment

Date: 1930s
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Advertisement
Object No: ANMS0538[036]

User Terms

    • [page depicting 2 collapsible boats:] Pionier Collapsible Boats [page depicting details of collapsible boats:] Buy ONE Pionier boat for ONE price and receive MANY advantages! [left column] Whoever buys a collapsible boat has a right to expect top value for his hard-earned money. Made of the best materials, the boat should stay in working order over many years, it should meet all demands regarding seaworthiness, safety and performance, it should please its owner due to its shapely appearance and also stand out everywhere because of its elegant design. According to a large number of national and international reports the PIONIER BOAT, which has been a synonym for top quality for over 25 years, meets all the above expectations. They reveal that our boats, which are produced in series, have withstood extreme tests which they would otherwise under normal circumstances never be subjected to. German engineer Oskar Speck completed the long and difficult journey from Ulm to the northern coast of Australia, covering 30,000km, in a serially built PIONIER twin-seater using merely paddles and sails. The German expedition to Spitzbergen in 1935 used PIONIER boats in the stormy and icy fjords for reconnaissance and for hunting seals. Used by German researcher Prof. Dr. Hans Krieg, while on his expedition into central South America, his PIONIER twin-seater proved to be a reliable and irreplaceable asset under conditions which included tropical heat and loads of up to 200kg. Using PIONIER single-seaters courageous people survived untouched and crocodile infested white-waters in the jungles of Mexico as well as coastal surf. The PIONIER Dinghy proved itself reliable both under sail and using an outboard motor in the swell of the Gulf of Mexico. All wooden parts are made of choice qualities of ash, a material which is particularly tough, though expensive. All wooden parts are dip-coated twice with the highest quality boat varnish. All metal parts are made of stainless steel, and the visible parts, such as stem and stern-post, and fittings on the washboard are all mirror-polished. The hull’s silver skin is sewn together. Its material is carefully tested, consisting of a tough base material and a finely-woven surface material. The deck of the boat and the spraydeck are made of a tough cotton sailcloth dyed royal blue and based on indanthrene. It is our aim to design and construct the best boat, not the cheapest! [centre column] The design of the PIONIER STEM and STERN-POST is a key feature of all PIONIER boats. It combines 3 special advantages: 1. the wedge-shaped internal stern or stern-post component enables a strikingly smooth transition from the narrow metal fitting to where the “stringers” are joined. This results in next to frictionless displacement at the stem and the avoidance of eddies at the stern-post, which explains the exceptionally easy glide of all PIONIER boats through water. 2. The only stitched seams of the hull cover, at the stem and stern-post, are squeezed tight between the internal stem or stern-post and the attached brace, which protects the seam from damage and keeps it watertight. 3. External stem and stern-post, which are designed to look good, are cast and mirror-polished and represent the only nautically appropriate solution for attaching a flagstick, painter, forestay and rudder. The stem is fitted with an eye for the painter and the forestay, as well as a vertical flagstick holder for the club pennant. The stern-post has a backwards inclined holder for the flag as well as an eye and two eyelets for the pedal-steered rudder. The PIONIER FOOT-OPERATED STEERING SYSTEM can be attached to all PIONIER kayaks using the fittings which are already in place. The system consists of: 1. The shapely, notched control pedal, cast in lightweight metal, and the associated steering lever, which are mounted on the T-profiled slide rail on the floor of the boat. It can be adjusted to correspond exactly to the paddler’s body length with the help of an adjusting screw. 2. The cable-pulls, which are precision-adjustable in length using small bronze chains; 3. The vertically adjustable steering device consisting of the cast and polished steering yoke and the light-metal self-adjusting rudder blade, which adjusts in height upon ground contact. When sailing we recommend the use of a specially enlarged rudder blade. The pedal steering lever does not pose an impediment for loading gear, as the device can be easily removed and reinstalled by operating the adjusting screw. [right column] For more than 25 years the PIONIER sprayDECK has proven to be a reliable aid in thousands of PIONIER boats. Based on year-by-year improvements, it guarantees to keep rainwater and water from large waves crossing the boat from entering the cockpit. In case of emergency the spraydeck will release automatically. When closed, the spraydeck forms a firmly spread table-like area, that causes the water to run off automatically. Material and colour are the same as those used for the boat’s deck. Based on purposeful tailoring the elastic “chimney “, which encloses the cockpit, closely hugs the paddler’s waist, without restricting him or her. The laterally positioned fastening mechanism is completely watertight and does not use any patent fasteners. The spraydeck is attached to the washboard using spring clips. In addition to the normal spraydeck for the PIONIER single-seater model 450S, we can optionally deliver the special whitewater spraYSKIRT. It is buttoned around the exterior side of the washboard, and reliably seals the cockpit against water intrusion, even under breakers. The small oval Eskimo-type cockpit provides just enough space for the paddler to climb in or out of the boat. The cockpit is bordered by a thick rubbery bulge. The elastic band at the bottom end of the paddler’s anorak or apron is then placed around that bulge. Based on the principle of Eskimo kayaks, you achieve a completely waterproof connection between paddler and kayak that will easily come undone in case of an emergency. Equally, assemblage of the boat is not complicated by an excessively small opening in the boat’s deck. Owning a PIONIER BOAT is not only a guarantee for utmost safety, durability and best results, but also means having more fun than money can ever pay for.

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