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Pionier Faltbootwerft advertisement

Date: 1961
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Advertisement
Object No: ANMS0538[039]

User Terms

    • [page depicting photos of single seater collapsible boat in water:] PIONIER Single Seater Model 450 S Technical Specifications: Overall length4.50mBeam0.65m Height at sides0.21mDraught0.10m Average touring load120kgMaximum load180kg Number of ribs7 Weight of boat21kg Colour of hull’s skinsilverNumber of bags (bag for rods, rucksack)2 Colour of boat’s deckblue Skeleton: Ash, transparent varnish; washboard: dual-coloured with red line; centre keel; diagonal braces; equipment for pedal steering and sail [page depicting details of the spraydeck:] The PIONIER Spraydeck has proven to be a reliable aid in thousands of PIONIER boats for more than 25 years. Based on year-by-year improvements it guarantees to keep rainwater and water from large waves crossing the boat from entering the cockpit. In case of emergency the spraydeck will release automatically. When closed, the spraydeck forms a firmly spread table-like area, that causes the water to run off automatically. Material and colour are identical with that of the boat’s deck. Based on purposeful tailoring the elastic “chimney “, which encloses the cockpit, closely hugs the paddler’s waist, without restricting him or her. The laterally positioned fastening mechanism is completely watertight and does not use any patent fasteners. [Schematic diagram of how the spraydeck is fastened to the washboard:] Spraydeck; Spring clip; Spraydeck batten; Washboard; Boatdeck. In addition to the normal spraydeck, for the PIONIER single-seater model 450S we offer a special Whitewater Sprayskirt that can be delivered in place of, or in addition to the normal spraydeck. It is buttoned around the exterior of the washboard, and it reliably seals the cockpit from any water intrusion, even under breakers. The small oval Eskimo-type cockpit provides just enough space for the paddler to climb in or out of the boat. The cockpit is bordered by a thick rubber bulge. The elastic band at the bottom end of the paddler’s anorak or apron is then slipped around that bulge. Based on the principle of Eskimo kayaks, you achieve a completely waterproof connection between paddler and kayak that will easily release in case of an emergency. Equally, assemblage of the boat is not complicated by an excessively small opening in the boat’s deck. [page with photos of row boat, sailing boat, car with rack and motor boat:] Only Use Quality pionIer Accessories with a Quality pionIer Boat! Seat and back cushions made of sailcloth and inflatable cushions or mattresses made of capoc make it more comfortable for you to sit while on long outings. The prudent paddler will store any valuable camera in a waterproof photo bag, and clothing as well as a second set of clothes for changing in waterproof clothes bags, which come in three sizes. Inflated rubber bladders positioned in bow and stern insure that the boat will not sink under any circumstances. You need a decent pointer and shackle to moor your boat and a flexible or rigid flagstick for the club’s pennant or flag. You may of course also attach our shipyard pennant. PIONIER handbags are for small items such as a handkerchief, a watch or a guide-book, and allow for easy access. The interior space on both sides of the boat can be efficiently used by hanging one or more PIONIER Storage Containers with zippers to the wall (see picture on left). When going ashore, the attractive dual-coloured Storage Container can also be used as a shopping bag or handbag. [page with 3 photos of boat buggies:] [Middle column, top:] Our 2 Tried and Tested Boat Buggies are faithful aids to the user of a collapsible boat. They can either be used for transporting a boat, a tent, or any other heavy luggage from home to the railway station, or for moving the assembled boat some distance overland. Further, the buggies are very undemanding with regard to maintenance, they are tough, fast, ready for use, and take up only little storage space in the boat when underway. [Left column:] The Simple, Tough and Inexpensive Boat Buggy Model “P” is a special buggy that can be folded up a very small size, weighing only 2.8kg. To transport [the collapsed and] packed boat, the rod bag is tightly strapped to the buggy frame at two points, at a distance of 40cm between the points, and the rucksack is fastened independently using the middle strap. The uprights protect the load against the wheels. When folding the buggy, the wheels are taken off, the diagonals are removed, the uprights are folded down, and the frame is simply folded together like a parallelogram to form a slim parcel that can easily be stored in the boat. [Right column:] The Indestructible Boat Buggy “Herkules”, Made of Steel Tubing and with Suspension, is in a class of its own. Weighing only 3.9kg it can deal with surprisingly heavy loads, as it is entirely made of seamless steel tube, and the load frame and chassis are connected by a suspension similar to that used in cars. Because of the use of ball bearings it rolls particularly well. The lateral uprights can be tilted at various angles. The raised load frame with a length of 45 cm provides sufficient stability, and ensures that the load is securely kept in place and that transportation is easy in any kind of terrain. The “Herkules’ is easy to dismantle. Take off the wheels, separate the chassis, and fold the uprights and the suspension into the plain of the load frame. The complete buggy is thus transformed into a small flat package, which can easily be stored. [Middle column, bottom:] Complementing the “Herkules” with a Towing Bar It is essential that the attractive and strong “Herkules” should also serve its owner in as versatile a manner as possible. Accordingly, the new “Herkules Towing Bar” was designed to do just that. The towing bar not only allows you to transport your boat, but also enables you to easily, and without causing any noise, wheel suit-cases home from the station, as well as take home your domestic supply of coal or potatoes. The towing bar can be delivered together with the “Hercules” or on its own at a later stage. It can be taken apart to match the size of the dismantled buggy. Both buggy and towing bar fit into a small bag. [page with 2 photos: collapsible boat with 2 sails, and 2 collapsible and 1 row boat] [Right column:] The Sporty PIONIER Sailing Gear represents practical and nautically appropriate sailing equipment according to the particular needs of the collapsible boat. Special Features of PIONIER Sailing Gear include triangular gaff-sails made of finest maco sailcloth with battens; boom and gaff forks; pulleys and cleats made of bronze; a main mast that can be dismantled, a main sheet with rings, shrouds and turnbuckles, a leeboard-bridge made of steel tube with two revolving [depth-adjustable] leeboards made of ash. For sailing purposes we provide a special larger, vertically adjustable rudder providing higher efficiency, which can be exchanged for the normal one. Jib: 1.1sqm, main: 3.3sqm, mizzen: 1.6sqm The eye for forestay, the mast socket, and the eyes for the steering pedal are standard features of all PIONIER boats. However, sailing equipment can also be purchased as individual items and used according to wind conditions and for different purposes, e.g. the mizzen can be used on its own in the front mast socket.

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