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Pionier Faltbootwerft advertisement

Date: 1961
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Advertisement
Object No: ANMS0538[041]

User Terms

    • Pionier Twin Seat Model 520Z This model can be found on all waterways. And everywhere they are seen, they attract attention, because of their especially attractive shape, their nautical and sporty appearance, and their particular luxury-grade equipment. 25 years of experience in the construction of collapsible boats and the careful compilation of all the features that can be expected of a first-class boat were behind the development of this fine standard twin-seat model. Due to its easy glide through water you will enjoy effortless pleasure on extended tours and while carrying gear. The technically superior shape of the immersed hull ensures maximal stability and safety. Both the beam and height of the boat at the sides have been designed to ensure that paddling can be carried out comfortably and using minimal energy. The elevated foredeck cuts through waves crossing over it and ensures that the paddler stays dry. It also provides for abundant space to store gear. In addition, the boat has a rear storage compartment, as well as room for storage behind the second seat, accessible from the top, which is a special feature of all PIONIER boats. Kayaking is not merely a matter of cost-effectiveness. Rather, it is an activity aimed at fun and stress-relief. For that reason we not only use the best materials, but also pay great attention to the aesthetic appearance of our boats. The well-known luxury-grade equipment is a typical feature of all PIONIER boats, yet expensive to provide. However, we believe that every PIONIER boat owner should be rewarded with attention to detail in the boat’s construction and with the boat’s long life-span. The owner should also be able to feel proud of the sporty and true nautical appearance of his boat. [Reverse (Summary):] QUALITY GENERATES SATISFACTION, BEAUTY TRANSLATES INTO HAPPINESS! The safety, durability and performance of a PIONIER boat are sure to satisfy its owner for many years. PIONIER boats are not only about cost-effectiveness. They provide fun and stress-relief, and deep down inside you will probably enjoy other people envying you. Accordingly, much effort has been invested into the aesthetic aspects of the boats, even though it leads to increased costs. Maximal utility and beauty are particularly well expressed in the following two features: Elegantly curved, dual-coloured, and finished in high-gloss varnish, the Beautiful Front Section of the Washboard borders the front part of the cockpit in a neat and harmonious way, and simultaneously ensures that the spraydeck is not lost. The shining, chromium-plated triangular plate serves as a base for the mast. The mast socket is sealed with a rubber plug when not in use. Further, the chromium-plated, mirror-polished steel bracket covers the front joint of the washboard. Attached to the steel bracket are two black, white, and blue-coloured enamel PIONIER logos, which represent top quality in the same way the identical colours on the fastest motor bicycle made by BMW do. The PIONIER Stem and Stern-Post – proven a thousand and one times appear attractive to any observer, because they are visible expression of both practicality and of extremely well thought-out technical design. The PIONIER stem and stern-post combine three key advantages: 1. A strikingly calm flow pattern at the bow, and no wake at the stern, leading to the boat’s easy movement through water; 2. Reinforcement, and perfect waterproof sealing of the only seam in the hull’s skin; Aesthetic and above all authentic nautical fittings. You will not find a motor, sailing or rowing boat bearing fittings more elegantly designed than those found on PIONIER boats. The fittings are cast and mirror-polished, and allow attachment of a flag, a painter or the rudder in the only truly nautical manner.

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