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Letter from Egon Kuhn to Oskar Speck

Date: 11 November 1957
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0540[009]

User Terms

    Letter from Egon Kuhn to Oskar Speck typed over on page in German and dated 11 November 1957. The Letter is from another folding boat paddler who with another man has paddled 10000 miles.
    • Melbourne, , 11 November 1957 Dear Mr. Speck, Many thanks for your letter and your extremely interesting article. I would really love to be able to send you our notes and especially our photos. But for reasons of security we always sent everything straight off to Germany, , most particularly the photos. We mostly worked mostly with colour slides, , which we could not under any circumstances take with us to the tropics. The few photos I can send you are ones we took as test shots each time our camera got wet and we had to take some exposures in order to get it working again properly. As a consequence , the shots are not very good. I could find a few newspaper reports and also one of the Erbach sports reports. Thesey are excerpts from our letters, , which were published each month. The English article is one I wrote once for an English paper in India. It was for the “Statesman” if I’m not mistaken. Our colour slides have already been used in Germany. We had an intermediary in Germany, who was holding talks in our name, , mostly in sports clubs. We actually became quite famous this way. Since your journey is not as well known in Germany today, , it was often claimed after our trip that we had covered the greatest distance in a folding boat so far. We never made that claim ourselves, , though, , since we knew about your trip and now that we’ve met you personally, , there is no doubt in our mind that you did a lot more than we did, , even if it’s just because you were all on your own. You can be sure that we do not put up any false claims. I do reserve the right to one claim, , though, , and that is that we have made the longest trip in a folding boat so far, , relying on nothing but our own physical strength. I can prove that we paddled more than 10 000 miles. We don’t want to stir up any wrong emotions, , but instead respect each other’s achievement like real sportsmen. I hope you share our view. I would be so glad to have the opportunitychance ofto paying you a longer visit in order to talk about our experiences in detail. But perhaps you could also come and visit me in Melbourne one day. With best regards from me and Mr. Rothstein Yours Egon Kuhn

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