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Letter from Johannes Harkensee to Oskar Speck

Date: 21 June 1968
Medium: Ink on paper
Credit Line: ANMM Collection Nancy Jean Steele Bequest
Object Name: Letter
Object No: ANMS0540[012]

User Terms

    Letter from Johannes Harkensee to Oskar Speck handwritten over one page in German. Dated 21 June 1968, the letter includes a list of items Harkensee has of Oskar’s, and talks about him being on holiday.
    • Johannes Juergen Harkensee, , Hamburg – Wanstet 21 June 1968 Dear Oskar, At last I am on holiday. I couldn’t leave until yesterday because there was too much to do. Initially I wanted to leave on 18th June. Please excuse the delay. - I hope the report about your trip in a folding boat from Hamburg to Australia will turn out well. You did tell me that the young journalist was very professional. Oskar, , I only have the following items of yours and maybe this is important for the report: 1) All your letters written at the beginning of your trip. Danube, , Greece, , Macedonia, , Bazra, , Persian Gulf, , etc. 2) The newspaper report ( got two copies of that, so I’ll send you one) by E. Walsemann – Onstal. I’ll add that one to this letter so that you’ve got it on hand in case you didn’t keep your copy. 3) Your draft for a report which I was to use for a publication which ended up not being printedworking. Do you have a copy of this – your – report? (I assume so). 4) A report written by me, , which you didn’t like, , and you probably still have that one too? 5) All your letters to me after I had “FOUND” you and all the photos of your [illegible]. Whatever you, or rather the journalist, want to use ofout of this, please write and tell me straight away since I’ve got some time now that I’m on holidays. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your report will be published after all. With your energy and the journalist’s ability there is no doubt in my mind that it will. I probably just didn’t handle the matter the right way. By the way, , I’ll include a photo of you in a folding boat on the Elbe river from the time around 1930 of you in a folding boat on the Elbe river. It might come in handy for the report. Well, , Oskar, , I’m on my longed-awaited for holiday now (until 17th July) and will stay in the house and garden mostly. The weather is good. I’m planning to do some painting jobs on the house and do what’s necessary in the garden. I feel like it and so it is a joy and not a burden. In this house and garden I have all the comforts that one is starting to look for as a 61-year-old. I might spend a few days on the island of Foehr in the North Sea with a friend who owns a remote little guesthouse in an old farmhouse. I always feel so at home in the peace and quiet of that old farmhouse so close to the sea. How are you going? Have you given up the business by now? Pity really. Are theIs it the fault of the Japanese to blame? Do write and tell me about it. If you are a no longer in businessprivate person now, , why don’t you come over for a visit? You could stay with me as well as with your family and be my dear old welcome visitor! That’ll be all for today, , Oskar. All the best and whatever other good things there may be, , Your old friend, Hans

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